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Ann’s Note

  • Each Multiple self has a “biological base” in the “right brain”/”unconscious mind” which “processes information from our body’s emotional memories/ experiences” and connects to “motivational states,” which is an expression of her goals and needs (Schore, 2012, p. 73).


“…the right brainimplicit self represents the biological substrate of the human unconscious mind and is intimately involved in the processing of bodily based affective information associated with various motivational states” (p. 73).

“implicit adj. capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed: implied” (Merriam-Webster Unabridged, 2017, np.).

“substrate n. the base on which an organism lives” (2017, np.).


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Schore, A. N. (2012).  Right brain affect regulation:  An essential mechanism of development, trauma, dissociation, and psychotherapy.  In Schore, A. N. The science of the art of psychotherapy (Norton series on interpersonal neurobiology).  New York, NY:  W. W. Norton & Company.