ID #1.00.06

Ann’s Note:

  • Selfs seek (conscious or unconscious) “emotional experiences,” which are steered by fulfilling her unique “goals” and needs by relationship to others (Schore, 2012, p. 73).


“To appreciate the patient’s motivation, we need to … discern the emotional experience he or she seeks. At times, the goal sought will be self-evident to patient and [therapist]. At other times, the goal will lie out of awareness and will be difficult to ascertain.… The golden thread in assessing motivation lies in discovering the affect being sought in conjunction with the behavior being investigated” (p. 73).


Schore, A. N. (2012).  Right brain affect regulation:  An essential mechanism of development, trauma, dissociation, and psychotherapy.  In Schore, A. N. The science of the art of psychotherapy (Norton series on interpersonal neurobiology).  New York, NY:  W. W. Norton & Company.