Piecing together a start


We are a multiple.  Today we are starting a new blog for multiples and for other people who are interested in learning about and understanding multiples.

The emphasis on multiplework is that by working, multiples like us, can appreciate their abilities, from within themselves.

I would not define the capacity for our or others abilities and I would hope that you wouldn’t either. It’s more a natural becoming of selves in a quiet appreciation.

Each multiple and persons within defines their own standards and they should be celebrated for being themselves and expressing themselves to the optimism of all including themselves.

We invite you to share this journey and Hope that you help us to continue a conversation.  Pease respond!


2 thoughts on “Piecing together a start

  1. aynetal3 says:

    Hi Jazz. Nice to see you again! I appreceiate you asking a question. By using the word “work,” I use it by painting with a very broad brush stroke. I believe that anything a person pays attention to … focusing intent to change or be changed by … well that seems to be work. I haven’t looked up a definition – this definition works for us. It seems that the word work has to be big enough to carry the efforts from one of us drawing pictures, developing a quilt or; writing something also of value. What do you think? The big picture is that each of us have ability and that by doing something in the present … well that means work is possible and preferable. That includes of course – good work is play, and play is work! Does this work for you? Is there something to be added?


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