Simu-Center Update: Mental Illness and Communication

This is an important week for mental health awareness!

“Maintain Open Communication About Mental Illness

Open communication about mental illness is important, but it’s often difficult (Talking to Others About Your Mental Illness –


When someone in your life, whether it’s you or someone you care about, is newly diagnosed with a mental illness, life can be stressful. Behaviors can seem irrational, and it can feel like everyone is on an endless, wild roller coaster. Physical and emotional exhaustion are common. An effective way to reduce stress and create calm is to communicate openly.

The chance to talk and to feel heard are basic needs we all have. Use these tips to encourage open communication:

Use words intentionally. What you say has a big impact on others, so consider your words carefully before you utter them.

Watch how you say things. If you’re frustrated, take a few moments to breathe deeply, gather your thoughts, and think about your tone before you speak.

Avoid asking “why” (“Why did you do that?” or “Why don’t you get off the couch and take a walk?”). Wanting understand each other is good; however, asking “why” questions can sound hostile and accusatory. Instead, try phrases such as, “Help me understand…” or “I hear you saying….”

Open communication increases understanding, empathy, and cooperation. While tricky, it’s possible and worth the effort”.

Simu-Center – is a simulated place (, but healthy Place, is real – check it out!

Healthy Place –

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