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Ann’s Note:

  • The various selfs each share “primary emotional responses,” and they each have their own “behaviors, thoughts, physiology, and experiences” (Schore, 2012, pp. 72-73).


“Primary emotional responses have been preserved through phylogenesis because they are adaptive. They provide an immediate assessment of the extent to which goals or needs are being met in interaction with the environment, and they reset the organism behaviorally, physiologically, cognitively, and experientially to adjust to these changing circumstances” (Schore, 2012, pp. 72-73).


Schore, A. N. (2012).  Right brain affect regulation:  An essential mechanism of development, trauma, dissociation, and psychotherapy.  In Schore, A. N. The science of the art of psychotherapy (Norton series on interpersonal neurobiology).  New York, NY:  W. W. Norton & Company.