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July 08, 2017

We’d like to give a very SPECIAL THANK YOU!  to Sarah E. Olson for starting what we know to have been the first collection of blogs by Multiples (or their partner).  Sarah has been a MARVEL to us over the years, and we’ve delighted in her process of curating not only from Multiplicity, but PTSD.

If you would like to see how a pro does things – look at Sarah’s resources here, here & here.  We hope to follow suit, and hope to be at least half as good as Sarah.  Our area of expertise will be though with “Multiplicity” and “Self-Regulation.”  But for an example second to none, here are three of Sarah’s links.

2010 Best PTSD Resources for Trauma Survivors ~ Part 1

2010 Best PTSD Resources for Trauma Survivors ~ Part 2

2010 Best PTSD Resources for Trauma Survivors ~ Part 3

Sara has to be one of the MOST inspirational Multiples, and we’re proud to consider her our contemporary.

THANKS SARAH!  The Multiple World owes you a debt of gratitude, but especially US!

Our best,

Ann (July, 2017)



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