… continual process of moving toward …”

“… use the term “self-regulation” more broadly.  Our use of this term is intended to convey the sense that self-corrective adjustments are taking place as needed to stay on track, whatever one’s current purpose is (whether overriding another impulse or simply reacting to {perturbations} from other sources), and that these corrective adjustments originate from within.  These points converge in the view that behavior is a continual process of moving toward (and sometimes away from) goals” (Carver & Scheier, 2016).  [Definitions]


{Perturbation}  the action of perturbing or condition of being perturbed:commotion (Merriam-Webster Unabridged, 2017).



Carver, C. S. & Scheier, M. F. (2016).  Self-regulation of action and affect.  In Vohs, K. D. Editor & Baumeister, R. F. Editor (Eds.), Handbook of self-regulation: Research theory, and applications.  New York, NY:  Guildford Publications, Inc.

Merriam-Webster Unabridged. 11 July 2017. Retrieved from unabridged.merriam-webster.com


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