We welcome you to our home. We are Annemarie/Aynetal3. There are 20 of us. I’m not sure how many of you are, but certainly welcome all!

Our website/blog is a work in progress. We created it nine years ago, and she didn’t move quickly as to new content. As stated, we are a Multiple, and we have been focused on that most of our adult life lives with other people who are not Multiples. We would like Multiplework,com to be something significant for others like us — but more, with an interest but with a lot of patience.

We have been trying to start a couple of books, and for the last week they were ignored because we knew we had to do something more with them, presently, that would give us some satisfaction. Dr. Marvin, our Psychiatrist recommended we give another look to the web page. It has been a very frustrating week in settling down to understand her secrets properly. But I believe she is a vessel.

There has also been a little confusion about the fact that the papers (book chapters) we have been writing are more formal than, for example, this note. We had stopped writing in our journals/sessions, which were informal. We certainly know how to do it, but would like to give you more. Perhaps something in-between. We are in the future!

As a note to the pandas, they belong to our confidant, Nihit. Unfortunately, they have stayed unfinished for more than a year. I have the entire back endage of the mama panda to quilt/applique. It is still one of our favorite things to look at. We tend to not want to spoil it, so we leave her alone. Go forward girls, go forward!

Saunter about, there will be more and more to digest as we go. Welcome!

Annemarie et al.,

October, 24, 2023

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