Prykop Packaging & Assembly is your source for reliable services specializing in labor intensive secondary operations

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About Us

Prykop Packaging & Assembly (PPA) is an added resource for your company in processing of your end product. This is accomplished by outsourcing your products for processing to any of our many work-sites throughout the Midwest. With facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota and our facilities are an alternative to enhancing your in-house process. Our workforce is noted for its high level of quality, reliability, fast turnaround, fixing or lowering processing costs, the adaptability to make changes on the fly and reducing your worry. All production runs, whether short, intermittent or long term elicit our full attention from receiving to shipping.


Fulfilling Packaging and Assembly Needs

  • with efficient communication
  • with quality control
  • with tight supervision and Good Manufacturing Practices
  • with our problem-solving abilities
  • with cost reduction through reduced Labor and Setup
  • with assurances in meeting our customers’ demands and needs

Providing a Viable Work Force equipped to handle

  • your quality needs
  • your production schedule and deadlines
  • Short, Intermittent, and Long-term production runs

Our Facilities

PPA understands the logistics of time, space, and money. We have several facilities, all of which are easily accessible from the highway system. We give you the square footage needed to secure work space that is designed to safeguard all inventory and completed products. You’ll also be able to utilize our raised docks and lift equipment while we manage all shipping services for your freight trucks or ours, or by other personalized delivery services.

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