Friday, June 09, 2017 @ 7:29AM

Good morning …. just us … we’re just moving along here.  We had to adjust in our morning, because we didn’t wake-up until 6:45AM.  Optimal time is about 5:15AM so we can do our measurements, and start writing at 5:30AM, but we’ll have to see what happens as we get down to business with proper bedtimes and the new CPap machine.  It’s not science, but it’s a little tricky.

I’m looking over at MyFitnessPal right now and thinking – WOW!  Are we doing good on calories EVEN though we’re still back to hovering over 267 on weight.  It really must be a hard shelf for us.  We hit 267 and now it’s been three measurements slightly over.  Just talkin 268’s, but might as well be a landslide.  Just wish we could hold the number and start crawling under.  We are looking now at the week’s calorie numbers and they are averaging 1340 calories and carbs are averaging 83 grams.  So, the problem isn’t there.  We’re going to check next sodium.  Oh-oh … the last three times have been over 2000 averaging 2447, but when you add the week’s average, you get 1902 mg.  So, the week average is good because the average we want is 2000 mg., but the last three days the pounds went up, we were averaging high on the salt.  Each of those three days were similar in that the range was 2305 to 2662.  *Sigh*

What other numbers to check?  Better check the new number we’re watching with fiber.  WOW … That really blew the lid off things.  Yesterday was 39 where the rest of the week AVERAGED just under 12, with the goal being 21.  Maybe we are storing some of that fiber in an uncomfortable way.  I do know that this morning when we woke, we were very stiff and uncomfortable with moving.  Now, we don’t know if we’re storing fiber, or if we had a problem sleeping with the new CPap machine, or if it were something else.  I don’t think we did anything extra yesterday … we walked 4,233 steps which is still a pretty good number, especially for a Dr. Marvin day where we used valet service, but it still wasn’t over-abundant.  We weren’t coming off a gym day where we exercised too much.  Maybe it had something to do with sleeping for a longer time on our back.  We had fallen asleep on our couch last night so woke up after 10 pm and then slept until 6:45 pm which is a late morning for us.  Last month’s average was waking at 6:15AM.  I know, we’re a nerd when it comes to numbers.

We took a short break – to read the latest news because it stated that Trump was back to Twitter after taking a hard day off.  The Century New Times clips we get reported badly against it.  Basically, Trump thinks Comey vindicated him because he agreed that he told Trump at the time he was not being investigated three times, but then he’s upset because under oath Comey called him a list and that he was obstructing justice.  It’s the big news of the day – with Comey testifying for about 2 ½ hours.  We were out at that time, but we taped the news to watch later, but was listening to the CNN outtake of the day last night.  WOW!  Lots to say there!  But, we should move on … maybe just a little here and there.  AND, we noticed we had just over 120 email I wonder if we shouldn’t take a quick clean-out of that … we got rid of the twenty-junk mail, but want to make sure we’re not missing anything important.  Otherwise, we’ll do the real emails after gym.

7:58AM Good back.  Wasn’t gone too long, but getting through that list seemed to take forever.  We moved the count down to 40 emails that we’ll at least glance at, but none extremely important that we had to open right away.  I think we ARE building a lot of Google Alerts on Multiplicity since the last time we Twittered, but that’s a time-consuming event.  Maybe by next weekend.  This weekend is for quilting and for recovering from quilting hehe, PLUS SUPER BUNNEY Friend is going to be back with us on Sunday!  WooHOO!

There got rid of the AOL emails on the right screen, they were giving us a headache.  It will be a lot of reading – even if skimming just to make sure we’re not missing anything.  Good chance our email/Evernote process is going to go over an hour and a half after gym.  Let’s see, it’s been three days now since finishing the entries for the monthly overview.  Yup-yup … time to spend some moments catching-up.  First though is email and we must remember to take pictures of the Capture journal too.  I don’t think we’ve really used the focus journal this week.  Maybe just too busy to settle down for ideas, plus we are writing everyday – so things get written out there instead of having to capture a quick note.  We’re doing well though, right?

I like that we’re writing almost every day again.  A LOT!  It feels like some part of us has been renewed, and since we’re only writing up to a certain time – 9AM on most weekdays and up to 11AM on weekends, we’re not overdoing its stay into all the other business, we have on hand for the day.  We STILL haven’t done the part where we go to Walmart for the Tetanus shot, but why don’t we plan on that today?  We’ve got clear time, except Amie later today, and we know that Thom’s money came and we have good money in there from what we took earlier in the week to cover things.  It might be between $50-120, but we’re good now, AND we have our walker in the car.  Seems good to me!

I like the feeling that we’ve could get things done.  Getting the vanity plates, update our vehicle stickers and now have in hand our new Marine plate covers.  WOW!  That’s just the most awesome thing we did, because from start to finish, it took a lot of work – not difficult, but many steps to handle.  This included learning about it, sending in applications to approve our name, getting the money to cover it, going into the DMV AND mailing them back their responses.  Going out for ANYTHING other than routines – INCLUDING the mailbox are on our hard list of things to do.  Maybe because it was a multiple-step project, that added to the difficulty and including up to 45 days now to get back the plate, we are figuring “waiting for” stuff to happen – is DEFINETLY part of the difficulty!  We are being very patient now.  This wasn’t something we could do before, even though we remember trying to process it back in the days we lived by ourselves in the apartment – well over ten years ago.  Let’s take a lesson in this … process is slow, but this is a marker item and we’re doing well now, even though its remarkably difficult still.

Ok, we should move on, but we did have to credit ourselves there.  Pat on the back WITHOUT breaking arm – did good Girl!  This is a quilting girls story, BUT Linda won’t be there.  A little there, I suppose.

AHA!  Doing well.  It worked yesterday, so we are trying it again this morning.  We wrote out the whole chart of what we’re planning on eating for the day.  AHA!  Forgot what our original intention was – to check fiber.  I think this is where we have to make a default decision. We are going to use either the Miralax we had been using from Dr. Dorman, or we will use the new fiber gummies – Miralax has 17g a serving and gummies have 3 grams for 2 gummies.  So, we’re going to need to draw a line in the sand – and shoot just for 21 grams which is the norm for my number of calories.  Right now, we’re targeted for 17 grams – so need 4 more, so that means we’ll take three gummies and no Miralax, but if we were down to 8-9 grams of fiber like earlier in the week, we would take half to a full cap of Miralax – trying to hit closely the magic number.  That should make sense all around – and it would be responsible, and then Rich wouldn’t complain because he would think we’re overdoing it.  The end all game is to try and hit 21 or slightly over.  YAY!  We’re being the smart Ann.  Whatever fiber does – and I think we know … we’re going to do it right … and take it off one of the elements that could cause us problems

Next, we have to check sodium.  We had earlier thought this a problem – and it tends to happen when we eat Rich’s chili – although, he got a salsa which is much lower in sodium.  Shoot, we’re still over 475 mg – aiming for 2000.  Let’s see if we can fix that.

Lots of triggers.  First, we started with 585 mg on the cottage cheese.  Can’t do anything about that … it’s eaten.  Jell-O is 90 for lunch and 90 for dinner.  Not ready to give up that, though I could give up the 40mg diet coke, but it would only bring the number down to 545mg.  The Chobani yogurts – could give up one of them – lose blueberry at 60 – ok that’s a start – between the blueberry loss (we had two Chobani’s for the day) AND the diet coke, we lost 100 mg.  What’s next for that other 376 mg?  I could do it by losing the protein shake, but I’m not willing to give that up.  Only other thing would be the dinner.  Rich’s chili is coming in at 1046 mgs.  I have to give up 36% of the chili to come in on time.  Ok, that’s what will have to be done.  I still have the shake, and Jell-O and yogurt.  I think we’ll tide ourselves over … we’re going to make the original cut now.

Shoot … hard number basically, we can have 670 mgs in the chili … think we’ll have to monkey around that number … shoot-shoot!  We’re out of time … we’re going to have to do it with an extra bowl when we’re ready to heat the chili tonight.  We’ll just have to measure it – tare with the second bowl, then weigh out 2/3rds of it.  Seems fair.  BUT, unfortunately, we gotta go … it’s the result of waking-up late, but we want to say it’s ok, because this is just the way our plans adapt – all good and STILL in the shower by 9AM, so we can leave for the gym in 45 min YAY!!!  OH, and the last time up?  We made the Jell-O, packed the gym bag, and did the dishes.  Good Ann’s!  Right on schedule.  We did the whole week good.  The next test, is can we do it with Rich here?  Hmm?  Love to see our fishy guy now in only a couple of days!  BUT, Hey one more thing not to forget – We have to take the walker out of the car after getting the shot, and then about 7PM tonight – we have to water Rich’s garden 😊  Oh-oh there’s the chimes!

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