Sunday, June 18, 2017 @ 8:31AM

Good morning.  This is me and we’ll have to consider this a sluggish morning.  Sorry about that.  This hasn’t been a real organized weekend so far and it’s nearly over.  I know – first thing Sunday morning, and there is a lot of time to turn things around, just we are a little disappointed about not being able to keep on top of things over the last two days while Rich has been gone away.  This is something we should probably note in our hard things for Dr. Marvin.  Not sure how to label it yet, but maybe we can think of that in a few.

So, ANYWAY, it is Sunday morning and I’m sure the birds are chirping, but for now we are in our nicely air-conditioned home and am at the computer, and that is fine for now.  All the morning routines have been taken care of and Dakota’s doing great.  He let me sleep in this morning.  BUT, for the sake of record, our last dream we were in a mental institution, and they had not fed us and we had just gotten to our room and realized that the dog needed out and everyone needed to be fed.  How’s that for interpreting our first assignment of the day unconsciously through our dreams?  Pretty Good, right?  I think Dakota’s sub-conscious was working with ours hehe.

One of the things we did this morning in our waking-up routines was to pencil in our fitness pal that we were going to eat just such and such.  Maybe that will help with the diet.  I know for sure that we are going to need talking about it to Dr. Marvin on Tuesday.  We are going to be in the car coming home from Ohio with Rich, so maybe we can list some things to be talked about in Trello, and then send him the password.  Better recall that, hmm?

AHA!  That reminded me we hadn’t saved the Dreammapper password to AOL.  We did have it in our capture journal, but we just made the transfer.  Those kinds of things are important.  Hmm, this is new Dreammapper.  It is the corresponding App that goes with our new C-Pap machine.  Tomorrow, we will have to contact our provider and see if we can get it to work through the modem.  I believe that is the proper way, and then they will connect to something called encoreanywhere, and then we won’t have to take the card out and put it in our computer every morning to get our numbers.

The numbers aren’t a lot, and it won’t go back to the numbers we’ve had already, although that too may be something we can ask the provider to get for us.  The basic numbers are AHI which is better toward zero and under 5 is great.  It has something to do with another ratio to do with apneas, but I don’t have that down yet.  Yesterday, my number was 4.5, but today, it was a great 1.7!  YAY.  It also told me that yesterday I had 7:36 hours, and today, I had 8:22 hours of sleep – that is great, unless you are not getting in enough writing time – boo!  The next number is the mask fit.  Yesterday, it was 98% fit, and this morning it was 100% YAY!  Seems then, we didn’t knock it off during the night.  Good stuff!

The next number is Total Sleep apneas.  This is the time that your oxygen is reduced by 80% for longer than 10 seconds. We’re labeling this TOA and yesterday it was 13 and today it was 8.  And, then there is THA which is total hypopneas which went from 21 to 6.  I don’t know how we did that, but good job!  I think hypopneas is the same as TOA’s, but it’s only 40% reduction of air flow for 10 seconds.  And, then the last number is the number of mask total disconnects.  I think this is good for when we go to the bathroom, and must take the mask off.  So perhaps, in the morning is one, and then the other number in addition is for getting up to go to the bathroom.  While last night was 2, the night before was 3.  That’s it 😊

I just got the fiver.  I think we’re going to clear the table.  Hold on.

Good-good.  We’re back.  We put a few more things in the dishwasher and picked up a few things on the side table in the living room and kitchen counter, and then we did the kitty litter and the garbage, and we cleaned off the kitchen table.  It is back to where we like it.  It only takes a few moments – and shame on us for not being able to do this more often at least in the “old days.”  This five-minute timer on the computer has worked extremely well in getting us to do some of this short-term stuff.  I might have gone over a few moments, but we were able to do it in one standing – so, that couldn’t have been too long.  I’m thinking now of the dishwasher.  It contains all four measuring cups.  I had to make Jell-O this morning with a regular cup measurer and a regular bowl.  Hmm, this is going to affect my being able to make oatmeal for lunch.  Better get that started now too.

THERE!  AND, we filled our sunflower seeds.  It should be said once for the record, that is the same time we empty out the cup next to it for the seed shells.  YEEKS … looking at the time now and it is 9:06AM.  I think we’re going to keep on schedule or get back to it anyway, by jumping in the shower and getting dressed.  Think that’s a good routine, we want to keep.  BRB.

BACK @ 9:25AM!  YAY!  We’re doing it on time!  We did the shower, dress, picked-up dirty clothes and made the bed, OH and we’ve been opening the curtain back there.  At least one.  It lets in more light in the house.  I would do the other, but I think it’s too clear a shot to the bathroom, and we don’t want to share that.  Yup – that’s how we roll!

SOOO, everything is pretty much taken care of, and we let Dakota out too.  He’s all good now.  We might have to get ourselves something to drink.  We’ve done 1 ½ bottles of water, but that’s not kicking our thirst.  We haven’t had a can of pop all weekend because we’re trying to drink more water, but I think this is a good time to do one – one meaning a can of diet coke.  I know, they are supposed to be terrible, but we’ve not gotten into all that yet.

We’ll finish the last bottle of water first.  There.  AND, we are using the old Fitbit.  We got a note from CS yesterday saying she’d mail the charger on Monday, so that means we’ll be back to the old one for the better part of the week.  I hope she sends it, but she’s not the most dependable there.  She’s already a week later than she should have been.  I know beggars can’t be choosers.  We didn’t ask for the Fitbit, but we think there is a little lingering in her thoughts of having volunteered it.  I think that’s the way these kinds of things go.  It’s the same with our art quilt.  There is no perfectly good reason to postpone finishing it, but here we are, and it is still not done.  Maybe after we get these baby quilts made into one big one, we should go back to that.  How can we fault CS, if we can’t do much better ourselves?

As to the baby quilts!!!  We are back in the saddle.  I believe we finished putting together the last one as an individual of the nine.  I still must iron it, but I might find that the same with many as we now go back over things.  I believe 3 are put together in one of the three rows, but we need to place them all out on the floor and assure they are where they should be in order.  Our number system was lost for various reasons.  Not a big deal.  Should be kind of fun.  So, then we will so the remaining two rows (3 pieces), and then we will sew the three rows together, and it will be done.  We are very close now.  Even with going to Ohio overnight on Monday, we should still finish it this week.  We should also measure it to find out if someone is going to be able to quilt it.  I think it is going to be too big for Linda’s machines.  Hmm, maybe we could do that now.

@1:05PM Back again.  That all seems to have taken some time – by that I mean, checking into the baby quilts “stuff.”  We made a big advancement in pulling the BIG baby quilt together.  We figured out for one, that the quilt is going to be 120” x 120” in size.  We also found the number of someone we either used in the past, or my sister used in the past.  We had her business card and she goes by the name of Cotie’s Machine Quilting.  She does seem to do, according to her web site, quilts that are this large, and it turns out that quilts my size are a “California King.” Didn’t know that, cool we matched up!  We read on and found that all quilts that Cotie does (Cozetta) are to have a backing that is 8” oversize on all size.  So, that meant that are quilt back will be 136” x 136”.  Ok, we’re moving along here …

We finally found what we seemed to be looking for at Missouri Star Quilts.  It is a fabric store (and other) that can be trusted much more than going to a JoAnn’s.  We ordered 4 yards of Wilmington Essentials – Scroll White on White 108” backing.  This means, it is specifically used as a backing fabric, and is white with the faintest of patterns.  I don’t know if we can catch it in a picture.  It is very nice.  We got 4 yards, so the one length (36” x 4 = 144”) so the difference of that side minus 136 means that we will have to cut off 8”.  No problem there.  THEN, with the other number being 108” though we are going to need the second side ALSO 136, this means that that side is going to be 28” short.  We figured then that we were going to order 4 more yards of material (42” WOF –  28” = 14” extra). WOF is Width of fabric which in most cases is 42” like this particular fabric. So, we’ll cut the 108” fabric maybe by 1/3 to give it a weighted top, and then we’ll add 40” of fabric and sew it between the two 108” fabrics.  But, as previously noted, we’ll be 14” extra, so … well 12” extra, because we’ll cut off 2” with the print on it, so that means we’ll take the third by two-thirds fabric and subtract 6” from each of them so we’ll have for the one width 32” + 40” + 64” = 136” SEE!?  It all works out.

OH!  And, do you want to see the really cool fabric we found?

The princess/unicorn picture is on white fabric 44-45” wide with a double border … hmm, we have to do our math a couple inches different, but you get the picture.  So, our quilt with the nine baby quilts (3 x 3 row/columns) runs diagonally from top left to bottom right.  All nine quilts run the same pattern though with ALL different fabrics – all my Grandma’s flannels.   Bottom line is that there is a top and bottom.  SO, to keep track of that … on the back of the quilt, the top will show because this princess insert will be after the top third of the first white piece.  I couldn’t be happier with the way this is turning out!

BUT!  There is MORE!  We couldn’t find it at this quilt store, but we went to another quilt store, and we ordered a bulk size of 25 yards (we need 16 yards, plus some more to do the corners), but it’s a light blue satin blanket binding that is 2” on each side.  This is what it looks like …

And, then one more picture … well, we’ll show you that picture when it shows up in our email.  It’s always slow to mail ourselves pictures. We also sent ourselves a picture to Evernote.  We’ll see which one gets there first, but so far – no show.  Ahh there it is … hold on … (whoops – you already saw this at the beginning of this entry.  Scroll up again please?!)

(Scroll up)

There’s more blue on the baby quilt then shows in this picture, but the shot is representative of the whole.  Can’t you just think how wonderful she is going to look with a soft blue baby edge?  I’m thinking, we’re close to thumb-sucking as we speak hehe.  Bet my Grandmother never thought of making a full-size baby blanket for an adult – well two!  It is going to go at times … when we’re not using Rich’s deer quilt … but at times we’ll use it on our bed.  We figured that it is going to be perfect.  We found AFTER we had made the quilt that we did JUST the right size!  The top of a normal Queen size bed like ours is 60” x 80”.  THEN, we measured the drop, which is the side of the bed where the length DROPS from the top of the bed to the floor.  We thought that was important because our bed is very high.  AND, when we measured her, it turns out the drop is 30” … when we add 60” + 30” + 30” = WALLAH 120”!  And, that is exactly the size of our blanket!  The other side – long side of the bed (80”) is ok, because the extra inches will tuck around the pillows.

This is just exciting us to pieces.  We didn’t directly talk to the quilt person, but we found in her scrolling stash a perfect meandering pattern we liked.  This is it

This quilt is just getting more and more wonderful!  And, the top is within a week of being done – the other stuff is on the way – managed the bank account by forwarding Rich’s birthday money to our account 😊 Just must see how long now, IF this quilter is willing to do our quilt – as to how far down would we be in her schedule.  That’s it!  ALL our quilting progressive thoughts in one place!

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