Saturday, August 19, 2017 @ 7:44AM

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Good morning.  We’re breaking down and writing a note just this one last time.  I’ve been thinking all morning – we’ve been up for a few hours, but that this was my last time writing on this CPU and we thought we could just move on, but we can’t.  We just need to write.  It’s a perfectly good Saturday morning and this is just the place we want to be.  The computer guy is going to be here about 11AM, and he’s taking away my old CPU and then moving it over to my new one.  I won’t be on the new computer until Tuesday at 1PM, and then at 3PM, we’re having our new guy for Internet provider, come over and update that to.

Wow!  That’s a lot going on, right?  It took some time to coordinate the changes.  We knew that our computer guy – down the block, who has come over several times to help with one thing or another, but he deals in HP and Lenovo.  He had a system that he could upgrade for us for a reasonable amount of money.  He’s just under $1000 for the CPU, keyboard, mouse, Windows 10+, PLUS he’s bringing the machine up to one terabyte.  I know that’s nothing now a days, but we wanted to be prepared for the future, because we tend to keep computers for a long time.

Our computer is at least eight years of age, and probably longer.  That’s just what I remember as to we had gone back to school at that time, and the student loan helped us pay for a new computer.  That was a while ago.  We might have written this before, but our computer is freezing up every day or two now, we’re having trouble connect sometimes, which may be an Internet problem, but it says that our connection isn’t fast enough to open all the sites.  That’s the second part of this.

Right now, our Internet (out in the country) is like 5 mbs, and the new service is a whopping 15 mbs.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but comcast, ATT, and the like don’t feel there are enough houses in our area to help us out, so we do with what we can.  We’re hoping that between an upgraded computer and Internet service, we’ll be smiling into the future soon.  We just must get through THREE days of not having our computer.  If it gets really bad, we’re hoping that Rich will let us use his laptop.  Maybe if we PROMISE not to download anything.  We know that he uses it for business and he keeps it in really good shape, but LORDY … I don’t think we can do without a keyboard.  THOUGH, we’ve visualized talking out through the phone an entry for our blog.

Just hoping like anything that the time flies by and we’re going to be ok.  We’re into withdrawals now.  Of course, we could think of other things to do like file the bills, clean our house, OR even do some quilting or coloring.  None of these would be bad options.  Surely, we have plenty of OTHER choices of things to do, right?  Just we’re feeling scared.  Seriously, we spend a LOT of time on our computer.  It’s going to be ok, it’s going to be ok, RIGHT?

Take a deep break … just hitting 8AM.  Rich is in the room, right in back of me watching his fishy shows.  We’ve got the earphones on, because we were listening to some videos, but maybe now we could turn on the music?  Oh LORD!  That’s another thing.  Without the Internet connection, we’re not going to get Pandora on the computer, Alexa, OR on our TV.  OH MAN!  Didn’t think about that.  Thinking we better plug in our phone now.  We’ll still be able to get music from phone or kindle through our Bluetooth earphones.  Ok, girls!  We’re going to be ok, right?  Just don’t panic … AND, we can always go listen to music in the car through Pandora on our phone.  See, it’s going to be ok.

@ 8:14AM … we’re having a hard time breathing.  We left for some reason – from the computer.  Oh yes, we were plugging in the phone, and then we held Rich for a couple of minutes moaning about not handling without the computer, and then we cleared our desk – gathers glasses, cups, and cans, and then we saw that the dishwasher was still running, although we washed dishes yesterday, so then we had Rich come over, and he was like we should empty it, and we tried that for about five seconds, until we realized we were losing valuable computer time.  Pretty much, we were just freaking out, so came back and turned on our “relaxation” station on Pandora.

Now, we just must breath, and not set-up those kinds of panicky feelings.  It’s going to be ok.  I knew this was going to be hard.  Just should breathe through it.  LORDY!  Only page two?  ACK!

Ok, shhh, what are we going to write about that would help us calm down.  Maybe that we pleaded with Rich that he was going to share his computer?  Ok, you know what happened next … NO DOWNLOADING!  Ok, ok … we knew that was coming.  Ok, dear … no problem, we promise not to download.  We’re just going to be using your Word and copy/paste to my web/blog site.  No downloading, I promise!  He’s ok … said though he should spend some time working.  WHAT!?? Watch fishing shows!  That’s what you should do … watch fishy shows!

We’re going to be ok … still breathing.

Just checked the Microsoft 365 password, so we can get it hooked-up right away on Tuesday.  Oh yeah … someone came around (one of us) and copied down all the programs we wanted to reconnect to and how to, or which passwords we’re using … everything safely to our capture journal and backed up with our email.  Hmm, should we back it up to Evernote?  We’ll have Evernote on phone too.  Oh, yeah … phone was dead – no camera.  Ok, we’ll survive.

That’s something distracting.  Rich took us earlier this week to look at my phone.  We had to go to the Verizon store.  Thankfully, when we went in, we were the only customer, though one walked in later and was taken care of the salesman returning from his late lunch.  Ok, too much information.  But, we had a very nice guy, but I swear he was the LEAST high salesman.  He said that he fixed my problem as he was looking at the phone.  It was something about this runaway security thingy that had settled on my phone, and that it was why I was having trouble with my powering off and my one button not working.  BLAH!

HEY!  Aren’t you going to sell me a new phone?  Ok, yes, Rich was there … good possibility with a clean fix, that we weren’t going to get a new phone.  BUT, we’re not without hope.  We discovered that we aren’t on a plan anymore and were in the definite range for a new phone, though I think now days you can buy one whenever?  Not sure, because Rich’s phone was still under contract.  We’re confused whether it is the phone OR service that’s under two-year contract.

Anyway, we DID talk about the relatively new Samsung Galaxy S8 PLUS.  WooHOO!  Oh, wait!  In October, they are coming up with their new note.  Hmm, my computer won’t connect me.  Same familiar problem – site can’t be reached because it took too long to respond.  Is there a problem with Slow Internet?  Man, oh Man life is harsh!  BUT, we had what it took to get a new computer and service provider, right?  It’s going to be ok?

Our Verizon salesman said that absolutely the best phone deal comes on Black Friday.  Lord.  I NEVER shop in the real world on that day!

Ahh, there we go!  AHA!  We’re at Engadget, and THEY say that Samsung Galaxy Note 8, might be out as soon as September 15th.  Let me read.  They are starting to take preorders on August 24th.  That’s only five days from now.

Ahh, we’re back.  It’s almost 9AM now … two more hours to go, but we’re calmed down … was just considering the Galaxy S8 Note.  I’m thinking unless we hear something bad about that after release, it’s probably what we’ll go with.  It IS through an $800 phone.  It will probably be purchased over time … basically, you make two years payments, so you’re paying $33 W/O the interest, tax and fussy stuff.  That’s ok with us.  Just must get past our Fussy guy.

It is rumored to be pretty good, and ESPECIALLY, not burn-up peoples’ pockets.  That’s always an advantage – coming off a bad model year – the 7, it won’t make that same mistake again.  I hear then that the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone, is coming about that time too.  The guy had said that Rich gets his contract unlocked on December 8th – four days after his birthday, so maybe the two of us will buy phones for each other for Christmas?  Be a long time to wait.  Four more months?  Maybe that be a good deal?  There might even be snow on the ground.  If we waited until specials in November or December, we will hear by then if the Note is a great phone, or if we should just get the Galaxy S8+.  That’ already known to be a good phone.

@ 9:25AM Back.  We just made sure the house was picked-up, and we did the dishes, and cleaned off the counters … well, that means we put all the stuff belonging in bedroom drawers in the basket, but we haven’t hung or put away the clothes totally.  That section of the house is being used and we needed a break.  We did get to the point of getting dressed.  Now, we’re 1 ½ hours away from the computer guy being here.  We should be ok.  Think the title of this entry is going to be “frazzled.”  Oh, and we did the garbage.  It was a pretty good load of things to have accomplished.  We just should put away the clothes and it is halfway there WITH might I add again and hour and a half away.  We want PLENTY of time for the computer.  That’s our big goals this morning.

@ 10:06AM BACK … got to stop disappearing!  For some reason, we got caught-up in dogs being trained – something said 7 Simple dog tricks that will be helpful.  I thought, ok, Wow!  I’m in for that, but PEOPLE around here keep forgetting that we’re going to lose our computer.  And THEN, Rich comes out and says, “I have no socks.”  I’m thinking we just washed ALL your thoughts, then it got me … they were nicely hanging out in the basket with t-shirts, etc.  So, there we went again.

Ahh that too!  I had used the washroom, but forgot the cold ice water and a mid-morning treat!  I know only coleslaw, AND it’s a vegetable AND it’s GOOD!  AND … we should take the dog out about now too.  OK, hold on, I apologize hold on just for two more minutes.  He’s quick!  BACK!  WooHOO!  We’re doing a good morning.  Everything is picked-up and taken care of, AND we just looked at our calendar and discovered Lincoln is coming at 11:30AM and NOT 11AM – WONDERFUL!  We found another half hour!  Now, we have 75 minutes with our old computer.  It’s like losing an old friend.

Just need some more distractions.  Let me think … did ANYTHING happen over the last couple days or week that needs attention?  Really, we wrote last on Thursday, so might be good til there.  Oh!  I remember … it was political entry.  Yeeks.  Don’t feel like doing that right now, EXCEPT to say that Steve Bannon is gone.  I know seems impossible, but it happened.  He’s already rallying war cries from Breitbart News.  Yup, yup I think he’s an Executive producer or something.  Basically, he said in an interview is that he’s planning on making trouble for all the people against Trump.  Ok, cool … that’s what we or CNN needed, right?  I guess that way, he stays in the news cycle.  I guess that’s the way it goes.  I’d be ok if he drifted back into the shadows a bit.

Oh shoot, that didn’t last long.  One of the Breitbart Editors, just put out an article stating that Trump would have lost without Bannon.  They are threatening that Trump must stick to the present agenda, or they will be against him too.  If he swings to the left … this idiot says there will be a war.  I think they consider themselves the populists.  Not sure what that is anyway.  Hmm, our computer is liking ONLY sites that are bigger, or more frequented.  She refuses to take me to figure out what Populist is.  I don’t like Trump, but I like less that this company seems to be “blackmailing” Trump.  They helped Trump build his agenda … and now these guys are saying … stick with it or die.  These are bugs that should be stepped on.  They claim basically that THEY and the base are together, bedamned Trump if he steps out of line and goes more to the left.  I don’t know if the left recognizes Breitbart as their new leader.

I’m still listening because we’re having a hard time with buffering.  Ahh, didn’t catch this … it’s an interview last night.  Bannon had already good plans to get in on the media attention AND to be making statements within hours out.  Now this idiot is saying that Pence is holding-up Trump.  YEEKS!  Trump is going to hate these people.  He’s talking about fundamental progress like building the wall and putting immigrants out of the country.  Talking now about not passing any budget without money for the wall.  And, IS Breitbart still ok with alt right being Nazis and White privilege?  He’s saying alt right has many different elements and that they are diverse.  They are saying they don’t want to be associated with hateful people, but he didn’t name them.  Eh, the guy is an idiot.

We’re back to relaxing music … this one “For Ross” by That Fiscella.  Eh, it’s pretty and NOT Breitbart.

45 minutes left.  Maybe we should be saying our good-bye so we can be posted before he gets here?  Probably a good idea.  We could always edit it from Rich’s computer … Just should finish writing and we don’t want to be away from our keyboard that long.  We’re on familiar terms.

My computer is having a hard time opening our blog page – the open one for cutting and pasting … PSWHOO!  There it is!


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