Wednesday, June 14, 2017 @ 6:19AM

Good morning 😊 This is us!  Yay!  We got here!  It’s already 6:20AM Hmm, Missy just got here too.  I think because I was up, she was meowing to be let into the guest room.  I’m thinking now she might sleep there during part of her time.  BUT, naturally AUSTIN gets the room first!  I just didn’t realize she’d taken it up … it was a mental possibility, but that was all.

Hey, before I forget all of it.  My dream I had waking up had something to do with the Garvey’s palatial place and all the kids were back (our age) for celebration … and we were in and out, but seemed to start at a bank where several familiar people were.  I think it started with us toward the back, and there was a comfortable chair and we were trying to figure out some messages, we were trying to copy, then there is a sense that things were on cut-up little pieces of paper, and then there was some movement to another place, probably the Garvey’s, and then we were at the bank comfortably – whole thing was a sense of figuring stuff out.  But Vince – someone we used to work at JVS was there and there was some conflict in that he talked to me, and that got his girlfriend also at the bank jealous, and then he and someone else followed us home – one was a border of the Garvey’s and everything got things more confusing … and at the house, we vaguely ran into people … at some point had to go to the bathroom naturally, and I think we were trying to clear the air one more time, but then Vince got upset and told my sister something – I think she’d stolen a legal book from one of my ex-BIL, Brian, and she was being put out … and then just remember problems with Mary Fran and Mrs. Garvey, not enough time and trying to figure out stuff.  I remember trying to leave, but there was flooding on the street like it was four feet deep – not sure how that happened now, because we had been standing on the sidewalk, but the street seemed to be lower because the water was deep.  Had to go back to the Garvey’s house – think bigger and more palatial than the Oak Park House.

To be fair, Austin is here and we talked a few moments of the Garvey’s and my father.  It seems we are consistent in telling him about his other Great Grandfather’s, must be because we want him to know them … it started with an argument – line of thinking had come up that seemed like something connected to Mr. Garvey.  Anyway … I don’t even want to read over what we just wrote to figure stuff out, maybe we could just copy/paste and put it on Dr. Marvin’s hard page?  There won’t be time for him to look at it, because it’s a short time on Thursday, but like to have it out.

Ok, better move out – I skimmed it and it’s over on the other Trello Board.  We skimmed it a couple times, but not enough to really draw from except to think Garvey’s … Go figure.

Moving on … SOOO Austin is here!  Very excited about that.  We had a good day yesterday.  There was a part where we were both sitting on the couch – I believe Rich was picking-up in the kitchen and Austin and us were going down the list of politicians and other people in the news, but mostly politicians and he was like, “What do you think about …?” And, then we’d respond in a short paragraph, and then we’d say, “What do you think about …?”  It was VERY fun.  That might be one of our most favorite moments, because we listen to so much news on politics and we seemed to know a lot of stuff IN our country and it seems that all his reading about news on the Internet was matching our knowledge from watching CNN.  Of course, as to news OUTSIDE the US … we knew next to nothing, but the major countries like N Korea, Russia and so forth.

@8:13AM Totally discombobulated.  We have been offset by Missy’s meowing.  Finally, we had enough sense to grab her from where she was next to Austin’s door (apparently, she’s been sleeping in the guest room), and then we put her in our bedroom on the opposite side of the house.  Earlier, Austin had come out and grabbed his headphones, so should have been ok, but we were going a little crazy.  And, then we were figuring out our schedule – adding Jell-O of all things – because … shoot forgot to make it again!  And, now we are waiting for a financial document to d/l.  Whoops, there she is … hold one more moment please.

@8:30AM Back again.  We are still going to take our shower at 9AM, but go back to writing until Austin needs us.  He stated he’d try to wake up at 10AM and Rich should be making pancakes breakfast/lunch.  And, then we’ll probably go to a matinee and see wonder woman at 1PM.  Austin had seen two of the other movies.  Austin tried to find something more interesting last night and we were with him at the time, but nothing was found near that I could handle also.  Rich may or may not go to the movie with us dependent on his work.  He is good with Austin, and Austin went with Rich to get KFC last night.  Not sure why, but that seems to be the bend this trip.  Trying to let it go.  I think there is more behind it, but we told Austin, we’d only ask him once, and he just said, “I like Rich.”  It’s just different and dramatic.  Letting it go, don’t need to know why – though it’s like a bad cavity.  Austin doesn’t trust us like he had, which made him sit so close to me last night talking about politics so important.  Anyway.  We had to tell him, we missed it before, but Rich will be playing poker with his guy friends tonight from about 6PM to midnight.  Those are the times he is leaving and coming back.  Austin said it would be ok.  I hope it’s Ok.  Usually, Rich’s game is the first Wednesday of the month, but last week a couple of the guys were in MN fishing – Rich and Ron.  *sigh*

9:12AM Not sure where we were before, might have to read-up.  I do know in the last bit we made the Jell-O, took a shower, got dressed, picked-up the bedroom and made the bed.  You know that sweep.  It looks like the dishes are still drying.  Austin’s estimate was 10AM up, so, we’re about 45 minutes away from that.  Oh, and Missy has settled down under our bed.  Ok, everything here is normal.  I think Dakota is going to ask for the bathroom, he usually does after our shower, but that hasn’t happened yet.  We were ten minutes early on the shower, so there is time.  Just next time he is up visiting me, he’ll go out.  Doing a mental checklist.  The only thing on the kitchen table is Austin’s things, LR picked-up and kitchen is neat again.  It only takes a few moments.  Rich vacuumed yesterday.

So, what’s next?  Anything on yesterday? Whoops, caught a business email from Rich.  I had to talk to him first before printing out his picture – he must do something first before I can do it.  So, we’re on hold from him, he’s just answered the phone.

Yesterday, we wrote almost until the time we left, but left at 10:15AM where writing cut-off at 9:30AM … think your filled-in there.  We listened to Al Franken a little with Rich, but then I stopped right before he got to Bass Pro.  We had forgotten to go to the bathroom.  He was only in there a minute, and we were even quicker.  And, then we went to the bank and got to Dr. Marvin’s about 15 minutes early.  We talked to Juliana about her dogs and her garden, and we talked to her about the gym and weight.  Our time with Dr. Marvin is going to take a while to figure out, but might be the basis of this entry.  After Dr. Marvin’s, we picked-up Austin and all went fine there.  We were having a little trouble, because we were listening to the riled-up part of Sessions hearing, and we had to turn it off, but it was the right thing to do.  We hung back a little after Rich told us by hand signal to stop talking about something.  I think we’d gone into the difference between Austin’s two Great-grandparents on Thom’s side.  After that, we didn’t really want to talk much.  But, we got back in the groove later.

So, now for Dr. Marvin’s because we don’t have the day all planned.  If there is free-time where Austin is just doing the computer, we will either address all the emails we are behind – most junk, and we will address Evernote and our capture notes.  I think we left our phone out in the car.

Whoops again.  Rich came out and we got his situation figured-out and his picture is printed, and he is on his way.  Whoops, he’s back pestering us in “little” conversation.  Well, I guess that gets written-up!  Hehe.  Shoot, when I typed that last sentence, my come-back got lost … oh well, he’s off to work again.

SOOO, Dr. Marvin’s office … first, was we said hello and discussed the weather, then I realized that I forgot to go to the bathroom, so I excused myself and put Dakota in a “stay” command.  He didn’t follow me to the door, but I didn’t catch the door, and when I was gone and it floated open, he thought I was coming back, so he got-up.  Dr. Marvin said all that, but he didn’t whine this time when we were gone.  Usually, we stop before getting to his office, but we were eager to meet Julianna because our time was short.  Kind of silly, hmm?  Dr. Marvin costs a WHOLE lot more for his time.  He’s probably got the per minute cost down, but thinking he wouldn’t respond to it if we asked.

After that, it gets a little fuzzier.  Opened the dishwasher to let them cool-off.  I want to empty it on the next fiver, so that dishes don’t become a problem when Rich makes pancakes.  Oh, and btw, we talked to Rich and he’s going to need doing some business tomorrow.  Today, he said he could make the pancakes though and see wonder woman with us, and then he’s later making hamburgers for dinner, and then going to poker.  We keep going over these details repeatedly.  Austin will ask for the same, until he’s crystal clear and can trust them.  Tomorrow though, Rich is going to take care of some business in Joliet, then he’s going to swoop this direction and pick Austin up, and then Austin should be home at about noon (he wants to meet-up with his cousin), and then after Rich drops off Austin, he’s going in up north of Chicago and take care of some more business.  He had thought of bringing me, but it would have been a couple hours, he was going to be with his customer, and Austin seems more attached anyway to Rich right now.  I know, he won’t object.

Just thinking of one of the things Austin talked about.  He wasn’t going to need hearing “noise” from his brother’s – maybe there is crying sometime?  Maybe just shoes running on his ceiling.  Doesn’t matter, and then he said he gets one more quiet day at his other Grandma’s, so that is nice for him too.  OK, moving on … Dr. Marvin’s?  Is someone avoiding?

It probably be me.  I never know what happens there until we start asking questions, and it seems like a lot of effort, and sometimes makes my head hurt.  We KNOW we’ve been there, but the middle is hard.

Ok, what is the first thing we remember?  Think!  Oh, we know we talked about my sister and our solution to that all situation, but that only took five minutes, and we spent another five minutes talking about what a great time we had, and some of the silly things.  Oh, and we told him about Debbie’s Granddaughter’s blanket.  I’m hoping CS called to check on it, but we should check now on her to see what she said, and to know if she sent the charger for the Fitbit or whatever brand it was she gave us.  Why she did that, not sure.  Just know sometimes CS feels the need to give away, and because our Fitbit was really choking, we decided to take it.  Just, we need to go through some things like getting it up on the computer under our name, and we must figure out how to change the timers she was using.  She always says she has two, and I never know whether to believe her, but greed got the best of me, and we accepted.

Ok, one thing down, many more to go.

Next?  Thinking!  Hmm, Sunflower seeds, don’t mind if I do.  THINKING!  We talked about resetting time with Linda, that evens out the quilting girls.  We talked about … umm … I’m looking for little clues, flags if you will.  It’s all those missing signs.  Maybe if we think of our checklist.  AHH, there is one … quilting!

We told Dr. Marvin about the two quilts we finished – baby ones.  We told him how much we had enjoyed quilting.  I didn’t talk about how much we like our room, but we are thinking about that now.  We didn’t seem able to put ourselves in the direct position of having been the sewer, so we didn’t, I think talk about the direct experience.  Just about the beautiful buzz, we are all getting from doing what “we” wanted to do.

I think it was a big deal, and I remember someone saying something about doing EVERYTHING.  This might have been the last thing talked about.  In the last two days before talking to him, we did writing, gym, diet, Rich AND quilting!  TWO DAYS STRAIGHT!  Not last night, but before that.  It’s everything we wanted to do in our new revised grown-up life.  Maybe, we’d still sneak in coloring, maybe when we weren’t quilting, and we still wanted to sit next to Rich and do something other than sleep.  Last night, we were mostly in the living room and when not talking to Austin or Rich, we were slipping off into our sleepy places.  Rich woke us for bed at 10PM.  But, we have a guest … not that it’s good to sleep, but Austin was with his computer at the table and wasn’t with us directly.

Let’s go back to the exciting part.  We haven’t been able to set-up a quilting schedule that was comfortable, like we’re thinking this could be, for probably about three years.  Our big year was 2013 when we moved her and were pulsating in the new wonder of the place.  I guess in-between, we got bogged down.  I know my Mother was a part of that, and there was another part with trying to make improvements on the house.  Working on things, working.


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