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Introduction to Self-Regulation and Dissociation (Multiplicity)

Why do we have such a strong interest in “Self-regulation and Dissociation (Multiplicity)?”

Our strongest thought, so far, is that this topic must be researched/studied by us, because we long for a conscious awareness/understanding on “how to survive life.” We aspire to learn/teach, and believe simply – that we will “go-on.”

We don’t think this problem of “going-on” is uncommon with Multiples, or others.

Anns, owners of Multiplework (MW), are Multiple (we dissociate), comorbidly with having severe depression (in partial-remission), and we have PTSD.

In our out-loud voice, we acknowledge that as we are, we often have troubles going-on. Day to day, hour to hour, week to week, and task to task, we establish our goals, but then goals don’t happen.  Often time even the simplest of goals, like making the bed, are all but impossible for us to continue or maintain, regardless of how many of us there are.  We get stuck, and then goal by goal, we feel like giving up.  Sometimes, this is to the dangerous degree of wondering, or acting-out, “Wouldn’t it be better if we were dead?”

We think general going-on is a common problem.

We are hypothesizing that going-on (and prospering), is a deep-seated goal/aim/survival need for each of us, especially those of us with attachment issues.  And, that this and other similar issues, in total, are in the self-regulation domain.

Survival should be the goal for all the Multiple selfs, but the selfs are at dramatically different stages with their various needs and abilities. Each self must learn to advance, or progress their personal goals, so all selfs, must climb past any obstacle or natural step, whether conscious or unconscious, of what they need to do next.

And, we need each other as Multiple selves to get through this process of living together – to the very best ending.

As an aside here, we need to mention, that it is believed that most Multiples (90% – 95%), are also sexual abuse survivors at an early age, usually before the age of five. I think we are going to learn that the responsibility of self-regulation is learned usually at a very early age – co-scaffolded with a disciplined parent(s) or caregiver(s).

But, very often, early age is a “turbulent time” for Multiples.

A few questions are asked here,

  • Do most Multiples learn at an early age how to self-regulate?
  • And, even if they do, do each of their selfs learn to the same degree?
  • Can an aware, knowledgeable self, teach herself (or other selfs), to self-regulate later – if they missed these developmental steps?”
  • Do people (psychiatrists, therapists, etc.) who assist Multiples to thrive as co-scaffolding agents at an adult age,  successfully work as extemporary caregivers?

These are our beginning thoughts.

Now, we begin the process of learning about self-regulation and dissociation (Multiplicity). Welcome to our quest … let’s get started!

Our best,

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