Monday, July 10, 2017 @ 7:05AM

Good morning.  This is us.  We are having a rainy day in Sandwich.  Rich got us up bright and early – we had a umm NICE night and were up late.  BUT, the electrician for the garage is out now even though it is pouring out there.  Good stuff there!

I am feeling well.  Mostly, because the sciatica pain is starting to die down.  We took some arthritis medicine about a half hour ago.  I’m not sure if we could put on a sock yet, but at least it’s not throbbing.  YAY!  Rich helped us with the sock and shoe earlier.  What a nice person hehe.  Ok, yes, we’re in love!  It’s been an ongoing 23-year affair … love him to pieces, AND it’s always a good sign when you wake up thinking about it … I know, I know … moving along folks … nothing to see here!

It’s been a week since we have written.  The good part there is that the Internet is down, so other than my computer’s programs nothing much else to do out there.  I forgot about our phone, so we need to charge that up a bit before we can even get to the Internet by phone or Kindle.  Ok, we’ve been here before … it is a glitchy feeling to be without, but we’re going to make it through, right?

I’m hoping that when Rich gets done, he is going to make eggs.  I’m not sure if he will do that, or need to get to his business ASAP for time lost this morning with electrician.  He will probably share that information, as to what situation that is in and tell us the bottom line … how much it will cost.  Ahh, they’ve come in now to look.  They are looking at the electric box, so we backed up our Word document.  He already made friends with Dakota.  He’s a different guy then was here before when we did the kitchen, but he was recommended by our kitchen contractor, Jeff.  He seems nice AND very efficient – business like.

He just went outside ahead of Rich.  Rich stayed for a second – long enough to tell me we might need a new box out there.  He said it’s a 35-amp circuit, but only a 15-amp wire.  That is sounding expensive already.  Ok, now we have on our sad face.  We’ll wait to see how that goes.  Usually, they come in and sit down and discuss the project after they do the evaluation.  We’ve been around home improvements for a while now.  I love a new project as to making advances on the house’s progress, just hoping Rich will pay for this one, and we won’t have to touch my emergency fund.  It is up to $5200, and we’d like it to stay there.  It’s all MY money – so as much as we love Rich, we’re hoping he contributes to the fund too.  I won’t be able to add to the savings until probably next year, and we have an entire half year not to be using it.  We can do it, we can do it, right?

Have you noticed too that we need little confirmations to get through some hard thoughts here?  OK Girls?  Where have you all gotten to?  Are we still a team?  Let’s take a gathering of our senses.  Where are we?

Well, let’s be honest, there is one VERY big knowing problem we are having, and that is getting to the emails – ok, and there are two problems – we’re backed up on some of our regular goals.  It didn’t help this morning when we had to get dressed, before we remembered to get on the scale.  That’s a little problem though, it is more the entire SHIP, that we should right first.  Oh-oh, they are coming back.  Maybe they have some summaries?  Rich is talking as they walk, so they’ve been summarizing all along.  If we catch a break, they will do a summary for me.  Otherwise, we’ll sit on the side.  I know Rich will catch me up when the guy is gone too.

Listening, listening.  I heard the words, “the good news …”  OK, let’s be hopeful.  He’s catching a phone call, AND, they are back outside again.  Just a process.  So far, he’s been here just over a half hour.

Just a short, odd catch-up note here … we are going to now be out of enough pain, I believe to go to gym today – she was on vacation last week.  So, that is the good news, and some -one from within (ok Hi there Sarah hiding in the wings) has added that the other good news is that we should be able to go to gym on Wednesday too, because the medicine is obviously, AND gratefully helping and the gym is from 10:15- 11:15AM and we don’t have to leave for the hospital until 12:30PM.  That allows for the 20-minutes’ drive home, and of course, we aren’t going to be eating, so maybe just a rest time.  OK, thanks for the news brief!

Where were we?  Did we mention, we’re a bit glitchy?  Maybe, some more coffee?  Yes!  That’s a good idea!

AHA!  That will do it!  We stopped by and stared into the fridge.  We chose a yogurt!  Peach.  That will let Rich off the hook for cooking this morning.  It’s not a BIG breakfast, but will get us past the push.  GREAT!  We did that too.  It’s about 1 ½ hours late, but we took our most basic readings – blood sugar and blood pressure, oh and Fitbit steps.  Just for this morning though.  Without Internet, we have to wait for that all to become available.  It’s a start.  The rule of the system is that the first person ABLE to do the right thing … which is doing what we as a system are supposed to and have agreed to before.  In this case, we are supposed to be watching what’s happening to our body.  We also decided we better right down the 2 cups of coffee and peach yogurt, because when the MyFitnessPal comes back, we don’t want not remembering to be an excuse to skip another day.

Ok, we’re getting warnings to go gentle here, so we don’t upset our internal Goddesses.  We don’t want to mess-up the progress so far.

Rich just came in 45-minutes now into the visit by electrician and said something about he’ll talk about the problem when he gets back, but he needed his check book.  There is a temporary fix for something and something must happen, because the electrician has to come back.  *sigh* It will be ok, right?  Then, he let me know that the treadmill I had tied to turn on before had come back.  OK!  That’s good for the fit people inside!  YAY Team!  Still thundering out there and raining.  This isn’t going to be a gloomy day, right?  Rich is back out with the guy, but they are almost done.

Nothing too serious until Rich gets back.  We’re off schedule now.  THOUGH, we’re figuring the next scheduled item SINCE we’ve gotten dressed and eaten – showered just before dinner last night – is to leave for the gym at 9:45AM.  That’s exactly TWO hours away YAY!  There’s going to be some writing time for us!  THAT’s ALWAYS a good idea.  HEY?  How did we get all these capitalized words again?  Our first thought is Anniemi.  Hiding there?  Hehe, maybe not so well.  Big smile!

We are going leave a message here for us.  The big thing that we should be discussing AFTER a couple minutes with any flash news for the week, is that we’ve been working hard since – hmm, when?  It was after talking to Dr. Marvin.  I’m thinking then that was Thursday over the phone.  That’s right.  We had a Dr. appointment for our right foot with Dr. Austin, and then we didn’t have time to drive to Dr. Marvin’s.  Ok, catch-up there while we’re around.  We had to have three areas looked at.  First, we were losing the big toe nail – explained before, and then we had a problem on the bottom of our foot spotted by Amie, our nurse, and then lastly, we had a problem with diabetic neuropathy on the top of our foot disturbing some of our sleep patterns due to the burning pain.

Pswhoo! That’s a lot for one session.  It took just over an hour to get through the appointment, which included having 3 x-rays.  Basically, then the toe nail had to be removed.  It was anesthetized and hasn’t caused us any problems since – just has to be kept clean and covered.  No problems.  The second part was the neuropathy.  Not much to do there.  The insurance wouldn’t cover lidocaine, so due to a $299 price tag without insurance, we took a back-up option for less lidocaine, so have just started using Aspercream – Eh?  Not any worse, just not much better.

The last part is more mysterious, and for some reason is harder for us to remember.  I know they are worrying about it getting worse – bone infection problems.  She gave us an anti-biotic, so we must take that two times a day for two weeks, and then we have to see her again in two weeks to check on the progress.  Amie hasn’t been around enough to check it.  Don’t know what to do about that.  She was saying something about a diabetic ulcer on the foot.  Best we can make out though is that it’s just a “cut-like” thing … hurts some, but our feet always seem to hurt.  Bad for exercising.  Anyway – no more news there. We are gathering by the attention being paid to it … it is serious, but not a real problem yet, just something they are watching cautiously.

Ok, moving on – Rich just came back.  They are finished and in a minute, we’re going to talk.  So, let me hold off here for a moment.  Good time to eat some yogurt, hmm?

We’re back.  BUT, it’s like an hour and a half later.  Rich takes a LOT of time!

The first thing was that he told me the general electrical problems.  They might need to fish out an old electrical line and with the digging of something or another and switching this or that, and considering the worse problems, WHATEVER that all was, it could take them 3-4 hours – so about $3-400.  YAY, it’s not going to be my money!  That’s not TOO bad a problem to have, right?  I forgot to ask the timing.  I’m remembering now the guy has to come back and check something when it isn’t raining, but we’ll ask Rich when he gets out of the shower.

We talked about Rich’s schedule and Rich’s problems, primarily with his mother.  He had to be on the phone a couple of times with her aide and service.  Everything takes time, and THEN he made us eggs, meaning him and us eggs.  That was nice, though I got a lecture for eating yogurt and not holding off.  BUT, to be fair breakfast on his schedule was off an hour and a half.  That was no good either.  We talked about some of the things that happened last night that we hadn’t remembered.  From the sound of it, Anna was out and likely Kelsie.  Neither of them SHOULD have been out.  One gave him problems at the start, and the other was sad and confused at the end, maybe more morose?  Yes, that’s the word.  Just looked it up.  It’s stuff to talk to Dr. Marvin about.  We can see the little girl afterward since working it through with Rich.  He was worried about her being unhappy.  I think the parts who did what happened were good.  Just not afterward.  It’s on the bothersome side, if you know what I mean.  Again, we’ll go over it with Dr. Marvin, maybe tomorrow.

I think tomorrow though is at 2 pm.  Rich was upset by that.  Did that time happen, or is it coming up?  We can’t check our calendar yet, because the Internet is still down – ALTHOUGH, the weather looks better, or at least we have more natural light in the house.  HEY!  The Internet is back on!  Just checked.  Better look up … forgot already.

Just got in a small skirmish with Rich.  He wasn’t listening and we were trying to tell him Cora, his mother’s aide, just called back with three items for the grocery list, so Rich who had reached for the phone DIDN’T have to call back and make me seem like an INVALID!  He, can frustrate me to pieces!

Hmm, must calm down now, because he was loudly complaining at me for him not being able to understand.  Hate that!  OK, that is over.  I think he should go soon.  He was going to a customer’s and then shopping, and then he was stopping by at his mother’s before coming home.  Probably won’t be until 5PM or so.  He’s on the phone again.  Are his plans changing?  Think it’s time for him to go to work?  GOOD!  He’s going to work and he says home by 3-4PM.  BONKERS!

DAMN!  Internet is DOWN AGAIN!  These are the WORST days for me!  Probably why we got crabby with Rich so fast – other than, he’s interrupted the last TWO hours of our morning.  Yup it’s 9:45AM now.  BUT, we aren’t going to the gym.  I’d been wearing our tennis shoes – our normal shoes since waking up and at some early point, we realized that the bottom of our right foot was just throbbing.  We finally had to take the shoe off.  We realized that we haven’t been wearing shoes on the problem feed MOST of this last 3-4 days.  EXCEPT that we went out with Jon and RJ on Friday night.  For that, we wore shoes.

We couldn’t tolerate the foot pain, and then someone suggested – thinking Jaime, that it was just not a good idea to go to the gym – perhaps, until after the ulcer clears up.  That’s what they do, right?  Clear up?

Again, online is up.  It’s making me dizzy!  We skimmed the top of the emails – they are now 308 LONG!  While we’ve been working on this project – we’re back to Multiplework …, while working on that, nothing else seems to have gotten done.  Of course, Kelsie gets most the blame, but we all want her to progress too.  She’s one of our Super Stars!

AHA!  We’re trying to get up Facebook to see if Jim contacted us and we see a picture of Dakota – our first picture we saw from the trainer and the memories function is telling us the picture was three years ago.  That confirms, that yes, Dakota did just turn five.  We’re worrying because he is getting too old, too fast.

OK, let’s just say the Internet is spotty right now.  It’s having problem loading.  HATE inefficient Internets!  It’s one of the WORST THINGS!

OK, just calm down … everyone seems to be in a bit of an uproar.  Down again.  FUCK THEM!

OK, we’re now WAY too much out of line.  Either must change the tone, or sign off.  And, then do WHAT?!  OK, writing is best for us right now, but we can’t have the chaos.  Have some Diet Coke.  Please?

Sunflower seeds?  Maybe we should try that too?  Not hungry.  Just something to fidget with while the Internet dangles our soul.  *sigh*

Just refilled our half cup custer cup.  That was the last of the sunflower seeds.  They should hold up, AND they are on Rich’s shopping list.  We should be ok.  Calming down … though it feels more like despair.  We can now see a picture, as demand from within, of the new site, but we’re not able to change the page, because without an Internet, it would just give us a nasty message, so we’re preferring the illusion that someone’s safety net is still there.

I don’t recall where we were anymore.  Oh yes, going through the schedule, so we could get on with the day’s conversation, WHICH is Multiplework.  Anything else going on?  We did mention going out to eat?  That was very nice AND Jon covered the bill.  It was extremely gracious.  We haven’t been at much of a stage where any of our six kids are paying for dinner out.  BUT, one did – he IS the oldest, but let’s just look at that as a sign of hope – you know the kind where you don’t worry about the kids as much?

Anything else?  Rich went fishing Saturday from 4:30AM to 1:30PM.  And, then he was beat.  Thinking not much happened after that.  Rich has been in and out and on the phone a lot with his mother, who is not coping well with Bud’s problems.  Rich is heaven sent to her, but she still yells and cusses at him.  We have never liked that part.  She’s been doing it for the last ten years, we’ve known her.  Don’t think it’s senility.  Just think she has a rough core AND exterior.  That’s enough on that one.

Foot is giving us some problems.  Trying to put it up and then down, and then up – you know the process.

Hey, we’re up again AND we see that our next book is going to be here in a few days. – well more like a week or more and it could be two weeks.  DRAT!  We bought the book from a friend, who is also a Multiple.  We’re looking forward to hearing her story.  It is an update of her original book.

We appreciate this person, Sarah E. Olson, more than you can imagine.  She might be our favorite Multiple, though we’ve never talked.  We don’t have that kind of relationship where we’re close friends.  I just have watched some of her work over the years, and I think she’s though a LOT about the Multiple community, though she’s working now more with PTSD.  Hey, equal opportunity!  We’ve got that too!  I think that was on our list of things to talk over with Dr. M.  It came up at the end of the last session, but there wasn’t enough time.  Sarah has just been a though leader, and we’ve copied her style in some respect.  She’s just one of the good ones!  OK, don’t know many bad Multiples.  Moving on?

No Internet … they are just teasing us … back again.  Don’t want to get invested in it until she’s more stable.  Makes me want to cry.  Or eat?  That’s a close alternative.  I wonder if they know how disastrous a world without Internet is to us?  Trying to pretend, we don’t care.  OK, THINK … what else has been happening?  Maybe that is it?

We should start wash, it’s a Monday morning, but we’re in no mood for that.  It sounds like a snowplow … what’s going on there?  Checked it out.  Just thunder, but hey, do you know Joe across the street has THREE big GARBAGE cans?  WOW!  I didn’t know they’d do that … pick-up more than one.  We’ll have to talk to Rich about that.  Hmm?  It took him ¾ of a year to take a part an old exercise bike, throwing it away slowly over time.  OK, no more grumbly stuff!  Let’s get to the good stuff!  We’re about eight pages in at 3249 words.  Just a check-in, k?

Raining hard again.

This is the new front page – we erased the stuff we didn’t want from Multiplework, our web site/blog, and then we loaded a new format.

She is Sharp, isn’t she?  We’re considering it as minimalist as we get and we couldn’t be happier with the format.  She’s different then we’ve seen, in that, she’s on one side a picture, and on the other side a page.  There’s clarity and detail all together, AND she’s got a side bar that only comes out when you want it. VERY COOL!

I don’t know if you can read it.  I haven’t seen where WordPress allows you to touch a picture and it gets bigger.  Maybe we’re just missing something, but it IS a VERY large shortcoming. Otherwise, well we’re trying to be patient, but have had a HELL of a time getting her to behave especially with what they are calling “page jumps.”  But, more on that later.

OK, blow-up of the front page … this is where all the beauty lays!  Well, SOME of the beauty!  She’s got a lot of hot spots!

You can read that, right?  Rich has glanced at it, and we sent it to Dr. Marvin early in the weekend, but we don’t know if he’s really looked at it yet.  We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.  I’m thinking we’re not going to be able to see him tomorrow.  Dang – that fast and the Internet is down again.  Just hating it!  I was going to look up again in the calendar for Dr. Marvin’s schedule.  Wait, we got our phone now.

I forgot to mark it down.  AND, last week Dr. Marvin cancelled due to the 4th of July.  Pretty sure today was at 2PM, because we told Rich and he blew-up.  He said it would add an extra hour plus to an already long 1 ½ hour drive.  ONE WAY!  He said, we just can’t get out of the city during rush hour.  I believe him – been through it before, and we’re thinking with a bad right foot, that we shouldn’t be driving on it.  We’ll have to write Dr. Marvin and ask for a phone appointment tomorrow.

There.  We sent Dr. M a note, AND in the process, we learned that we ALSO have an appointment with Dr. Dorman today!  I’m SO glad it wasn’t a morning appointment.  The appointment is at 1PM and it is about 10:45AM now, so that is … Just over two hours to write.  I know, we should probably do other things, but I think the schedule has been cleared otherwise for me to be writing today.  YAY!  So, we should leave at 12:30PM, which means bathroom for Dakota and us at 12:15PM, which would realistically mean that we eat lunch at 11:15PM.  There has been much too much hassle with the writing this morning, so we’ll eat at the desk.  Just means then that we’ll make lunch in 15-30 minutes.  THEN, we get writing time.  It is soooo gosh darn valuable to us.  AND, especially me.  I know I don’t say it often enough, but you know I’m Corey, right?

I should probably take medicine now.  Because the pain in our back this morning, we’d taken that dose 15 minutes earlier too.  *sigh* No rest for the weary.  Sorry got Anniemi again hehe. Back – things should look up.  We did a check of the house, and there is nothing to do, but the bed and a few clothes need to be picked-up.  AND, if we could take care of the blanket still in the dryer, we might be ahead of the game for washing clothes tomorrow.  So, those two things today yet … blanket and bedroom.

JUST let’s not do them during my writing time now, please?

Oh, to get us back to where COREY would PREFER us to be … here is the close-up of our front page.  Oh sorry, she’d already done that.  I’m soooo scattered.  That medicine is coming in the nick of time.  AND, yes, we can still drive with it – do it all the time, just we’re going to need waring our slip-on shoes.  No way, are we going to try tying on tennis shoes again.  Slip-on isn’t great for driving, but it’s a short trip.  Rich said 30 minutes is fine.  We had to call him and tell him we weren’t going to be in.

Back to business with Corey, Bye!  And, no PLEASE don’t get the idea we’re going to identify often – just felt the mood for it today.  I know SHHH!

Sorry, I’m about ready to pull my hair out with all the interruptions.

SOOOO!  What do we think about this last project?  Well, the first report out, is that someone – I think even higher than Kelsie, is saying that this can be the final best product, we’re going to offer the world.  The nice part about that is that it will come with expansion sets hehe.  Sorry, just had to slip in for that second.


I think I started to say before, that the system is thinking that Multiplework has become our work of art.  And, if I can remember correctly, I think I started to say that it is a very simple, clean display on the home page and throughout.  Yes, of course.  That’s why we showed you the first couple of pictures.  But for now … look at the blown-up shot of the front cover.  We’re hoping to get in our visual aim the topics that have been place there…

The first thing is a nice wide beautiful print welcoming people to the site.  Simply it says, “Welcome to our Home…”  Good stuff!  I’m going to then list all the sections.

  • Heading – Multiplework – Bringing Multability to the present for Multiples and Interested others. (we made up that word and love it!)
  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • About Us
  • Ann’s Insiders
  • Ann’s Blog
  • Multiple Blogs We Follow
  • Case Studies of Ann
  • Ann’s Multiple World of Personality
  • Ann’s Mind Map
  • Dissociation (move on folks)
  • Contact
  • AND, the pull-out menu, which has

o   Search feature

o   Recent posts

o   Our award

o   Blog tags

o   Categories – months/years written

o   Social media links

o   Calendar – w/dates we wrote

o   Pictures of our followers

o   AND, a section on “More About us…” (it’s our resume – we’re a bundle!)

o   Oh, and some blog stats

It was a LOT to work on over the last four days or so.  We should also leave a programming note.  We aren’t ready to abandon our regular blog, just like that.  We haven’t checked out the new blog enough to give the last blog and it’s seven years of service a send-off.  BUT, we DOOOO like this site a LOT!  We think it brings us up to today’s standard.  We’ll be double posting for a bit until we can trust things.  In the section on “Ann’s Multiple World of Personality,” we list all three of our past – Long-lived – 14 years of blogging.  They are going to be with us forever.  It’s our past – God Bless the Blogs!  AND, hopefully, they will one day be proper e-books, God willing.  So far, we’ve had a good track-record.  Ok, who the hell knew what happened in 2016.  She’s over.

We did keep a few sections from having used the web/blog site before.  We kept the section on dissociation – though leaving a message for people to move along.  That’s just a place-holder.  AND, the case studies were there.  Last, we kept the contact form.  AND, there were a few things that traveled from our regular blog.  The “About us” section traveled and was updated.  Also, traveling was the “Insiders” section – though there were no changes there.  We should update, but not now.  All three blogs just mentioned traveled too.  It’s our most solid base.  We didn’t want to clutter things too much.  It’s bad enough already for the sleek design we wanted to leave.

Most everything else is new.  There might be a few things on our side bar though like resume that was update – that has come from  I know sounding pretty narcistic, BUT this is our claim to life – which most MILLIONS of people will never see, so we’re safe.  You don’t have to read this next paragraph … it’s just a condensed version that makes it easier for me to read from in making our summaries.

Heading – Multiplework – Bringing Multability to the present for Multiples and Interested others. (we made up that word and love it!), Introduction, Table of Contents, About Us, Ann’s Insiders, Ann’s Blog, Multiple Blogs We Follow, Case Studies of Ann, Ann’s Multiple World of Personality, Ann’s Mind Map, Dissociation (move on folks), Contact, AND, the pull-out menu, which has Search feature, Recent posts, our award, Blog tags, Categories – months/years written, Social media links, Calendar – w/dates we wrote in our blog, Pictures of our followers, AND, a section on “More About us…” (it’s our resume – we’re a bundle!).

There, we go.  Simple – hehe – well, not simple there’s a glob of stuff to talk about, but we do want to remind everyone, that we need to leave in less than one hour.  It’s 11:38AM now.  14 pages 4795 words.  Who’s added the page/word to our writing?  Hmm, seems to be someone more interested in the Evernote/Writing areas.  I guess for writers, it is a good idea to track stuff like that, but to us right now, not much meaning.  Hey, I remember something!  I love getting back old memories.  This one is that we USED to keep a word count when writing in another blog, or more than one blog, just that the habit had died out.  Right now, I think it has more to do with the Quantified Self, where we are trying to keep some records of where we are and how we progress.  There are so many things in our Multiple world that we lose track of.  Like when did this happen, or that, or how do we know there’s been improvement.  I don’t know where the page/word count fits in, but no problem in adding it.

I think we’re having a harder time concentrating again, one because the Internet is still up and down, but as well, we’re being aware of the time.  Usually, we just set Alexa and she tells us when to get ready, but without Internet, she’s not really working.  *sigh*

How can we add a general frame of this last 4-5 days without getting into things too much?  I would like to save that either for when we get back – around 2-2:30PM, or for perhaps tomorrow when we are doing laundry.  There’s a lot of fluff today.  I don’t like that part.  Someone help please?  How do we put a framework on what we’ve been through which is miraculous?  I do know that there was a sense of a lot of things coming together, because over the years, we’ve experimented so much in going in various directions, but all centered on Multiplicity.  There was something that came to the forefront this time though.

We added the interest of “Self-regulation.”  The shortest way to explain that is that it seems to tie together, wanting to do stuff for your forward projector in life, and then being able to carry through – and then a lot of work goes through trying to understand how that all works together.  It seems a redundant now, but basically, the first year we were in a Master’s program – 2005-2007, we came across the term, and for the last 10-12 years, we’ve not been able to forget it as one of the most important things, we’ve never been able to nail – mostly because of all life circumstances, and our own level of muck-muck.

But NOW, it is coming together with multiplicity, which has been our longest-standing interest.  I don’t know, let me check.  I would like to have you see in this entry, in case you can’t get to the rest of our site yet, but these next two sections aren’t too long and it explains where we are.

Shoot, maybe that will have to wait.  AGAIN … the fucked-up Internet is down.  AND it’s stopped raining.  Why can’t life be easier?

Shit, we swore again.  HEY HEY HEY!  That’s enough of that, please?

*Gloomily kicking an empty diet coke can out the door and down the street*

Ok, that is HALF-way better.  We had saved from the last time we had Internet one of the two pages.  This is our first cover page.  This is the strongest statement of what we propose to do.  Perhaps … is it on again?


We are Anns (Aynetal3), owners of Multiplework (MW).  We are formulating a new plan of action.  As an introduction, we have known of our Multiplicity for 27 years, and of that 27 years, we’ve been in the continued patient relationships with Dr. Philip Woollcott, University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC) for 7 years, and with Dr. Robert Marvin, UIC for 18 years.

We have a BA in Psychology, and we have partially completed Master’s work in Educational Psychology and Adult Education in e-Learning Technology and Design.  We are not licensed or credentialed for giving ANY professional advice or counsel.  As we have, please seek your own accredited specialists.  We’re hoping too, that you’ll discover that special appreciation between you!

Our plan is to curate and communicate our focus toward “Multiplicity” and “Self-Regulation.”

  • We plan to use liberal quotes from primarily three books, which we find mystifying and at the top of their fields.
  • We will then add insight from the contribution of other books, websites, articles, and other sources, such as media.
  • We’ll also look for the perception of others in the Multiple community – especially through appreciating Multiple Bloggers and their continued effort to write-out.

The initial three books will be:

Dissociation and the Dissociative Disorders: DSM-V and Beyond, by Paul F. Dell, PhD and John A. O’Neil, MD FRCPC (2011).

Handbook of Self-Regulation: Research, Theory, and Applications, Third Ed., by Kathleen D. Vohs and Roy F. Baumeister, Eds. (2016).

Handbook of Self-Regulation: Research, Theory, and Applications, by Kathleen D. Vohs and Roy F. Baumeister, Eds. (2004).

We hope to learn by the process of annotation to:

  • describe our sense of the passage’s meaning;
  • internalize the dialogue;
  • analyze and restructure our opinions (as Multiples do  )
  • create new thoughts and views;
  • evaluate the process and conclusion, and then;
  • share – and thus, hopefully contribute to “outside” conversational value.

Let’s upgrade some awareness!

Welcome to our home-base!


YAYYYY!  And, we’re up again … maybe?  She’s thinking, she’s thinking … doesn’t look like she’s stable yet.  BUT, we have the above from where it is dated 07-07-17 to the part it says Welcome to our home-base~!  Anns.

NOOO!  She’s not up again.  No swearing!

But, in our limited time left?  Do you see what we mean as to starting something of interest?  Well, we don’t know if this all is within your interest range, but to us it’s our entire life’s work, wrapped-up in what amounts to a page to a page and a half.  YAYYY!  For at least a few moments the Internet is up again enough to copy and paste the following.  Where the last copied section was from the cover page, this next section is the introduction of our plan.  It is the “why” behind what we plan to do.  Everything else we could think of now is in there.  The bones are good.  That’s all the other things you read listed above.  BUT, the PURPOSE of being a Multiple worker.  Well, we’re really thinking after ALL this interest over such a long-time period, well, that this will be our contribution in life.  AND, if this is it!  Fine job!  Just have now to the end of our life, hopefully, a LONG life (we’re 58), to finish filling in all the details.

Here’s the Introduction 😊

[Anns/MW, 07-09-17 @ 10:31AM]

Introduction to Self-Regulation and Dissociation (Multiplicity)

Why do we have such a strong interest in “Self-regulation and Dissociation (Multiplicity)?”

Our strongest belief so far is that this topic must be researched/studied by us because of our longing for awareness of how to survive life. We aspire to learn and believe, simply that we will “go on.”

We don’t think this problem of “going-on” is uncommon with Multiples, or others.

Anns, owner of Multiplework (MW), are a Multiple (we dissociate) comorbidly with severe depression and PTSD.

In our out loud voice, we acknowledge that, as we are, we often have troubles going-on, on a day to day, hour to hour level with goals we set for ourselves, and sometimes to the dangerous degree of wondering, “Wouldn’t it be better if we were dead?”

We think going-on is a common problem.

We are hypothesizing that going-on (and prospering) is a deep-seated goal/aim/survival need, for each of us.  And, that this is a self-regulation issue.

Survival should be the goal for all the Multiple selfs, but the selfs are at dramatically different stages with their various needs and abilities. Each self must learn to advance, or progress their personal goals, so all selfs, must climb past any obstacle or natural step, whether conscious or unconscious, of what they need to do next.

And, we need each other as Multiple selves to get through this process of living together – to the very best ending.

As an aside here, we need to mention, that it is believed that most Multiples (90% – 95%), are also sexual abuse survivors at an early age, usually before the age of five. I think we are going to learn that the task of self-regulation is learned at a very early age co-scaffolded with a disciplined parent(s) or caregiver(s).

But, very often this is a turbulent time for Multiples.

A few questions are asked here,

  • Do most Multiples learn at an early age how to self-regulate?
  • And, even if they do, do each of their selfs learn to the same degree?
  • And, can an aware, knowledgeable self-teach herself, or other selfs, to self-regulate later if they missed these developmental steps?”

These are our beginning thoughts.

Now, we begin the process of learning about self-regulation and Dissociation (Multiplicity). Welcome to our quest … let’s get started!

Our best,

I don’t think the cover page and the Intro are perfect yet, but it is a very solid start.  Can you know better put it together with the items in this picture?  The … part is the section to pull out the side-bar.  Most of the work – current work, is going to be in the Table of Contents.  It links to all the other sections of the work.  We might have to break it down … We’re hoping like anything this happens as we are thinking.  The other sections … I think most of them tell the story, of how we have gotten here, and who we are, and what we’ve done.  It gives us our own credentials.  When I look at a person’s site, especially Multiples, we look to see how vast their system in and check to see if they are stable, in the sense of having learned to carry on day to day in a relatively equal way.

For example, I know that in 2006, we only wrote two blog entries.  The quickest easiest answer to that was that my mother had died, and we weren’t up to writing, but we’ve since picked it up.  I’d have to go back, in perhaps Facebook entries and notes to Dr. Marvin to see where the rest of our life was side-jacked.  That’s not my interest right now.  We just want to say that .. we are here, and Welcome to our Home…

Does it make sense?

Always Us!

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