4. Therapeutic Support: Consider working with a therapist or counselor experienced in DID who can provide guidance and support in exploring your system.


Ayn: Oh Lord did we appreciate getting Dr. Marvin!!! We are at 24 years now and it still seems like the first week.  I have to laugh.  It doesn’t seem like we remember much past the last week with him, but there are so many notes that we are discovering as we post our old blogs to Obsidian.  He has touched about every important part of our adult life past so many hospitalizations.  Incredible does not suffice.

Anna: There was one time we were on a pretend beach and he held my hand.  We were next to a fire.  He feels like the safest person ever in my life.

Anniemi: I still feel nervous sometimes with him.  I get scared and cannot think … it is enough we’re just in the space with him.  He’s the most important person in our life, but I’m afraid because we are just us, and he is on top of a BIG pedestal.  He’s life and death for us.

Annemarie: I don’t want to put anything in right now though I am feeling pushed.  Not right now,

Casie: Remember that time when something happened at his office and we couldn’t be any of the adult selves and Dr. Marvin had to call Rich to pick us up?  Even though he was about an hour away.  I don’t remember the harder parts of the time – just that Dr. Marvin walked us down the stairs, and Rich was there.  They said hello to each other and waved, and then we were whisked away.  Nobody seemed mad at us.  Don’t remember anything else, but it was important Dr. Marvin AND Rich was there otherwise it would be more hosptial time.  We didn’t seem to want that.  I don’t think he threatened it to us.  I think we were Gracie stuck. Just couldn’t drive.  It was dark.


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