2. Internal Dialogues: Continue engaging in internal dialogues and conversations as you’ve been doing. It can help in understanding the roles and needs of each identity.

Kate: The last section really discussed working together as a system (briefly).  As to how internal dialogues work … there is the question and answer part, especially between Ayn and Corey to Marie.  But there is also the part where there are internal needs.  Such as … we spend a lot of time at the computer, but then younger parts who cannot do that amount of attention, or just sitting upright in a chair complain or give notice, and we have to change what is happening to accomplish their needs as well.

Corey: Sometimes, I hear things like “I don’t wanna,” and it means that we need to ask specifically what is happening for the part who expressed the concern.  Try to be specific.  Who doesn’t wanna?  What is the concern?  Is there something else pressing on their need? Each of us contribute toward the whole and by understanding the roles – and what they represent, we can push forward as individuals in a group.

Jesse: There is always a sense of scanning.  Such as did we cover this idea/thought ok, or is there more thoughts and perspective that would help to explain the whole.  It seems sort of like a boat afloat on rolling waves.  We have to keep reaching in to see the depths of our general experience, and then climb back to the top where things are safe, and feeling on track – more pleasant and less threatening.

Casey: There is something that frustrates me, in that KC and I are held so much similar because we work through tasks, but there isn’t enough division between us.  I think it hurts KC the most.  I get a lot of credit for thoughts that come together between the two of us.  Can we have a better chance of speaking not only together, but separately?

Jamie: I’m sorry you are feeling bad about this Casey and KC.  Sometimes we like to protect you by bluring the lines.  I can understand as you are growing each day that you want to be a little more independent.  No one believes that you dislike the company of each other, But maybe especially you KC, it is a little lonely being in the shadow of Casey.  We’ll try to fix this better. K?

Jamie: Ok, even a faint smile is encouraging!  Stand up and out for yourself, and we’ll try very hard to stop the blur.  Nice work!


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