Wednesday, June 28, 2017 @ 6:41AM

Good morning.  This is us 😊 We’re going to look at the last message although we just saw something saved when we saved todays entry that APPEARS to mean that we haven’t written for ten days.  YEEKS!  Ok, ok … calm it down a speed, we don’t want to scare ourselves.

The last entry was the one on it being a quilt-type morning.  Pswhoo!  A little catch-up on that one?  We DID finish in this last ten days the top of the quilt – just a couple days ago actually, AND we’ve gotten in the fabric for the back and the silk ribbon for the edge, BUT, we haven’t cut the back fabric and sewn it back to size.  That would be the next thing.  It be GREAT if we could do that today … just not sure between writing, laundry, gym and quilting.  It would be a lot, PLUS, we should pack tonight for our trip to MN.  Not sure where that was last time we talked, but it’s real now.  We will leave early Thursday (tomorrow) morning, and then we’ll be there for two nights and come back on Saturday.  More on that in a small bit.

It’s almost time for Dakota’s breakfast, and for us to take our medicine.  Everything back to script, right?  That would mean too that we make the Jell-O while or before Rich gets in there to make breakfast.  We’ve been so offbeat lately, because we’ve been waking up late, but this morning, we asked Rich to wake us up at least when he is getting up at 6AM.  Because of all the measurements though, we really need to wake up at 5AM to get in writing by 5:30AM.  I don’t know why it takes so long.  Maybe because there are bathroom trips and other social things like getting Rich and us coffee?  I can’t believe that takes up TOO much time, can we count petting the dog?  Pswhoo!  We’ve been here already this morning at expiration again.  DRAT!

Ok, ladies … let’s get a grip on it!  The important thing is that HEY … we got our fingers on the keyboard and they look like sentences.  Well at least some … someone is going a little slap happy with the DOTS!  Hmm, some capitalizing too.  We should name the part that does this?  Dead women tell no tales sister!  Hehe OK STOP IT!  Yes ma’am.

We discovered yesterday that after we had not remembered to take our 7AM medicine, by 9:30AM, we were depressed.  We didn’t want to do anything – including things like Dr. Marvin and gym, and anything else that included getting out of bed.  Yes, that is right, we went back to bed at 9:30AM.  Fortunately, we had figured out what was happening and we stopped to get the medicine first.  That was a good idea, because in 15-20 minutes, we were getting up and thinking – hey, we should get ready to see Dr. Marvin.  Like no mental problems with commitment or anything!  We told Dr. Marvin the same thing, but didn’t elaborate.  I’m not sure if he understands the difference, or he might just think it’s a part.

Hmm, seems like someone’s dog needs feeding.  BACK!

That didn’t seem too hard – feeding the dog.  And, then we took our medicine ON TIME! PLUS, we made the Jell-O.  It’s cherry this time.  BUT, now Rich is in the kitchen making breakfast, and we got busted for TWO things.  First, we didn’t refill the processed water after adding it to our measuring cup for the boiling water, and THEN, we didn’t see that we’d left a little red cherry on the counter.  Neither of us wants to stain it – it’s still new!  THEN, we tried to tell him that we couldn’t make Jell-O right and that HE should, but he did NOT think that was a good idea.  DRAT – DOUBLE DRAT!  So much for us being responsible ☹ At least enjoying it.  No one likes to be scolded, and then it ends up in our writing because we are thinking about it.

Ok, best be moving on … not too long before breakfast is served.  Rich just said we will pack a cooler for tomorrow.  The way we are hearing and then writing, I just must hope that he doesn’t say something sexual!  Hehe.  I know, I know … get a lid on it!

To be fair, we did tell him we were writing and that his words, we’re ending on paper.  I think that went through one ear and out the other.  Hmm, salsa is being put on the plate.  It won’t be long now.  I wonder if Dakota will beat us to the couch.  He likes to eat with me.  Go figure.  We’re still feeding him most the ham from the omelet.  UNLESS, he’s at the groomers, and then he misses out and we gobble it all down.  He’s such a trusting buddy though.  He knows we’re good for the ham.  Better go.  We should get in our princess position WITH the dog.  Rich brings over breakfast and we just gleam!

@7:54AM Morning is going by quickly.  Just over an hour now AND then we’ll have to jump in the shower.  We’re trying not to get intimidated by having to do laundry, gym AND packing on the same day.  Pretty sure by now quilting is out.  I think we left off at Dr. Marvin’s that we have some things to do on the computer.  Ahh that was good.  This morning, we took a few pictures of some stuff we were working on for Austin’s visit yesterday and we took pictures of the capture notes.  There were a couple of pages.

The stuff for Dr. Marvin’s had to do mostly with our collection of data.  I believe we figured out that we were collecting from five sources.  Shoot SIX sources.  I forgot to include the Google calendar, and we are using the Trello, but she’s not got data to collect, unless we made it a game to see how many items we could check off on our daily goals?  That might be a new good idea.  It would tell us how much on track we were.  Let me look at yesterdays. Hold on

Well thinking that much got us to go over yesterday’s schedule, but we checked all the boxes although not doing everything on the list.  We verged in waking up late, putting together the echo and getting the old one ready to mail, and then we left early to go to the bank before Dr. Marvin’s.  We looked at the phone more because Juliana wasn’t in, and then we got back home late, because we took the Eisenhower and she was backed up almost all the way to 80.  Then we had eaten, worked on Austin’s project.  After all that, Rich was home late, but we talked to my sister about her surgery, Nathan’s legal, and Mark with the cat, and then we talked to Maury because he called with the new news, he’d gotten an SUV.  And, then after that, we sat with Rich for about 1 ½ hours outside, just talking about our days and all the stuff happening including stuff toward our trip tomorrow.  I think then, we watched some bad TV while Rich read at the counter, and then he got us up to go to bed, and then we’re into the next day.

I do want to recall for us here in the writing, that we are now conscious of our sleep slipping, in that we seem to be taking our mask off during the night and recording less sleep apnea hours.  Rich says, he can note the difference when we don’t keep it on all night in us being able to stay asleep steady.  Here’s the picture we took of our numbers this morning.

And then, while we’re here in the picture file.  Here are the notes we took to go to Quincy with Austin.

We ran it past our OWN revised sensors (since Rich complained about me spending money), and then past Rich.  With the sleeping the part to note is that we were doing fine at about 7 ½ hours of sleep, and then between the 24th to the 27th, we realized we were at five hours of sleep or less, at least the hours where we were using the C-Pap machine.  The Fitbit sleep timer show we are still getting in 7 ½ to 8 hours of sleep, just it’s not as good.  The nice NEW thing we’re noticing with the Fitbit is that we are being watched for variables such as 10.6% (58 min) of Awake time, 13.9% (1 hr. 16 min) REM sleep, 64.8% (5h hrs. 53 min) of Light sleep, and 10.6% (58 min) of Deep sleep.  And it notes that our REAL sleep – including the time we fell asleep on the couch was from 8:54PM to 5:59AM.  This is good added information along with information from the Dreammapper on our C-Pap machine as 1.7 AHI, 2 TOA, 6 THA, 4:32 hrs., 100% mask fit and 2 disconnections.  The AHI is a combination somehow of apneas (obstructed air flow) with time slept, or something like that.  TOA = Total obstructed apneas – 80% airflow problem – each for at least 10 seconds.  And then the THA – is total Hypopneas 40% airflow problem – each for at least 10 seconds.  And, then again you can see the shortage of time using the mask.  The mask was used about 50% of the time sleeping. Funny part of it now is that twelve of my 58 minutes of deep sleep came from sleeping on the couch.  That is about 21% of my deep sleep time.  I think it is funny too in that there was nothing in-between being awake and zooming DIRECTLY to deep sleep and then there was a 10-minute process of light sleep, but again MORE deep sleep.  The best deep sleep was between 12:45 – 1AM, but in general the other three deep sleeps were 6-8 minutes long.  Not so much. Deep sleep for people my age should be at 12-22%, and we only got 10-11%.  Ok, off this, but you can see where we are going with the numbers?  Just we need MUCH better data tracking.

Again, back to the paper notes of the train trip with Austin.  Due to Rich, we DID figure out the numbers, and he’s right, we seem to be spending too freely, so we held back.  I had thought to get on an Amtrak train next door to us in Plano, and then travel southwest to Quincy – end of the train line, and then we’d catch a cab and go to a “fun center” that had LOTS of stuff, but primarily arcade.  We’d get a two hour pass, and then go back toward the train via cab, and then take the 3 ¼ hour train back to Plano, and then drive home – 10-15 min.  The first train left at 8 some in the AM, and then came home at 10 some in the PM.  In total, including dinners/snacks, it would cost about $256 – or $300 to be sure – We would need money to have Austin play the arcades, though he’s very good at gaining free tickets to play.  BUT, again – too much money, so we didn’t ask Rich – just told him what we’d thought about.

If we were to do anything, I would check on

Talking about number though since that is about where we are going … Dr. Marvin and our key words/phrases are these:

Quantified Self (Chicago)




No control group, but we can control by doing self-trials (follow subjects trends) – where we are the subject

Also, thesis (ours from College) – meaning we got an A in college stats and then used them and could again

Checked for hypothesis

Data tests

Search for

Fitness data

Sleep tracking (site for alternative programs – might be more cost effective)

Methodology for programs

There, hehe you got it … that’s the important stuff, we thought to note while at Dr. Marvin’s … all the talk leading up to this is important too, but as to our next actions or series of thoughts, this is the key stuff.  There’s some extra stat keeping, but the middle is Dr. Marvin’s Dr. Marvin said, we were here before and that’s where it became important to look through the groups on Quantified Self.  They had been helpful, but maybe more from the group perspective. They have groups all over the country, so do a lot of video-taping of their meetings.  Primarily, each meeting 1-2 people talk about what they did to track one thing or another.  They have the videos on You-tube.  The meetings in Chicago – are deep into Chicago during the evening.  Rich would have to go with me, and thinking he’d be bored stiff.  *sigh* Shoot at their meet-up site and they posted recent meetup as 6 months ago DRAT!

@ 10:35AM OK, back.  We checked the laundry and completed our 250 steps for the hour, and then spent time taking notes from some Wikipedia entries in this field.  We went specifically through quantified self (QS), and then we looked through experience sampling method (ESM), there is a lot more data, but we must wait for the Internet to come back.  We lost it in a very nice-size rainstorm.  Yes, we backed up.  We took a 1 ½ page set of notes – pictures.  There is a lot of stuff to go through.  Some of the names are mind-blowing and there are a LOT of apps.  Not sure if this list is current, but it has me interested.  So, anyway, too lists and some notes.  In a bit.  We should calm ourselves Damn Internet.

Ok, also, if you couldn’t tell – gym started a half an hour ago.  It is a priority to wait for the UPS guy and we couldn’t leave the package understanding that it was going to rain.  Rich said that on the way out the door.  He has TONS of errands to do today.  Shoot Internet up for a second – saw emails, but then it is off again.  Probably a wire, swinging in the air.

Funny, I don’t recall stopping writing, but I think it was just a few moments ago.  We looked at our phone and there was an Evernote note up.  Later, we found it was at the top of the “reminders” because it started with a “symbol” this time [].  The title of the entry was “We’ve been spending a lot of time trying to organize our minds to sync w/programs/apps”.  This was dated Friday, August 26th, 2016 @ 1:19PM – almost a year ago.  How crazy is that to have come up fully now.  Apparently, after reading this short Evernote note it stated that we were just learning Evernote AGAIN, but this time we were away from the computer, so using its app – recorder.  We were also into GTD and had written about our “thoughts, concerns and happiness” looking for more knowledge and that we thought we were on the right track, which was a basic understanding “of the plane rolling in.”

I guess that about explains how we feel as we “research” into new areas about things that we enjoy working on.  Just funny it came up at this specific time, when we were testing out other apps for things that were related to organizing our minds.  There is a little twist in examining us as a multiple with parts, we want to know better, and to understand ourselves, and we as one person are.  I’m thinking this is for the split second we’re in – a relevant quandary.  We’re also finding it interesting as we had at Dr. Marvin’s to think that we were formally into human development and psychology which had been our majors.  It got exciting from the inside out, and just for a couple of moments, we’d forgotten how Unable, we were to do things, to the being able once again, being able to do things like run tests and experiments and roll into stats.  What a blur!  I mean when did I last hear the word “Hypothesis?” I will admit here, and did at Dr. Marvin’s the thought of SPSS, which in the olden days – not sure if it’s out yet, but it was a statistical data cruncher.  Nope still offline – could have looked it up!  Handy that we were offline working on our entry 😊

AHA!  We looked up and noted, it was LUNCH TIME!!!  YAY!  It’s our favorite work group!  The dryer will probably stop in the process, but for the time being, we’re still drying our first load of clothes.  For that reason alone, … we’re glad we stayed home from the gym.  It should be at least a five-load day.  We still must wash the guest bed.  I should have done this before.  BRB 11:02PM

11:33PM back again.  I had lunch, watched a few moments of TV/CNN, but not interesting today.  I also took my medicine and emptied the extra garbage in the sewing room and both bathrooms.  Shoot, forgot Rich’s office.  He usually does that, but we’ll do him a favor and get that too.  It’s likely it will be full hehe.  DONE!  Not too bad, but found a Missy mess in the process, so we got that too.  Fitbit isn’t telling us how close we are to 250 … apparently, she catches us only at ten to the hour.  Then, we have to hustle.  I missed one of the four because we looked and there was only 54 completed.  I wasn’t up to looking for 200 steps.  Even our bed is made!  Ok, still must do kitty litter, but the kitchen garbage isn’t ready to go.  We will want it to catch kitchen stuff from dinner, so we can get it all without worry when leaving for three days.  Missy is going to have to tough it out w/o us.  I’m a little worried, because Rich tried the new dry food last night and that’s what I found urped.  YEEKS!  I think he wanted to check it before leaving, so let’s check that one off.

Oh, and we also got ourselves from ice water and sunflower seeds.  These new ones have a trace of salt, but we need to focus Rich on just one or two brands that work.  This one will be doable, but it’s not the same gratification.  He picked-up this one from an odd trip to Jewel.  Blah.  Ok, moving on … we do have the dishwasher going, and we’ve folded the first load of clothes.  *Sigh*

No Internet.  OK< OK

Yay!  I think we did the steps, because we just have a dot for that time.  I thought I’d done that time before though … better make sure.  Hmm, nothing to do at this point, it is as it is.  We’ve got 1860 steps so far, which isn’t bad for a non-gym day, but not as great for a laundry day.  We’ll just work on it a bit.  Nothing is up … well my phone is and we counted dots, so it LOOKS like we’re good.  We might have been good for the hour before, so just used extra blank steps *sigh*.  That explains why it didn’t shake me.

BACK to sewing.  I’ve got the board on the table, and we could take an educated guess where the cutter is.  I saw the cutting tools yesterday, though today, we might have to use the longer pieces.  Ok, are we going to do this seriously? Hehe Oh and Amie is supposed to be here from 2-3PM, and this is her only day, so I hope she can do it.  BUT!  I’m not changing out of my PJs.  I’m very comfortable in my Purple cotton jamas w/the tiny hearts – It is down to my knees AND it has long sleeves.  Shaving happens all the time now – summer wear!  So, we’re all good.  I’m SURE, she’s seen pajamas.  Nice cool-like/comfortable day with plenty of rain, so if I concentrate, I can hear cars squishing on the road in front. 😊  Nice homey sounds.

It’s just noon now, so we have a couple of hours.  Laundry is good AND, we got a couple new OLD capris that still fit well from the back of the closet.  They looked a little wrinkled, so we threw them in the wash.  I might wear one over the time we’re gone.

Do you even know the plans?  I’m thinking they were made after we talked ten days ago.  Let me use the washroom, and then we’ll explain 😊

12:07PM DONE!  And, we walked to the opposite side of the house to get in more steps, and while we were there, we brought back the fabric for the back that will need cutting.  I should figure that out.  I believe I have:

4 yards of the playful print so 44” x 144” and then the white on white 108 x 144.  I am going to need 120 + 8 + 8= 136” x 136”.  I just looked at the playful fabric.  I’m going to need trim it 1” so what’s left is 21.5 + 21.5 = 43” ok, that’s good.  It’s a number. So the next thing, we take 136 inches and subtract 43” minus one inch = for two ½” seams – that all comes out to 92” we need to take from the 108” backing – that means – 16” extra.

And, then something happened and we were back to Austin planning.  These are our notes here, and we find at the end, we’re not any further ahead ☹

PSWHOO!!!  That’s twelve pictures!  It’s a lot of work!  Plus, of course all the figuring.  I think Amie should be here soon, if she’s coming today.  She’s got 16 minutes left to be on schedule.  She said window of 2-3PM today – think there is something following in her schedule.  This is the only day she was coming this week, so I hope she makes it!

Did we say there are two loads of laundry left to wash, dry and/or fold?  One thing that we forgot was in stating what’s happening with the MN trip

OK, one more Capture journal page.  Sorry

What this set of pages say, is that we’re going to another Country Inn & Suites, and we’re going to a dinner theatre while we’re there.  They are both in Chanhassen MN.  The show is going to be “Grease.” Everything is arranged! 😊

AHA!  Now MORE organized.  I remembered that they had sent an email with PDF tickets that we had to print out, so we did that – TWO tickets, but they are canceling out the two seats next to us for Dakota.  WOOHOO.  It’s a 6-person table – all they offer in the disability section, but we’re good with that.  I will also have our walker.  We’re very excited about that.

The general plan is that we leave about 6AM tomorrow morning (Thursday), and then I get dropped at the hotel, and Rich goes to his first meeting.  And, then on Friday, Rich has two meetings, and then we see the live show, “Grease,” and then we drive home on Saturday.  Now, I’m happy to say there is some FUN stuff too!  We are in a hotel with another swimming pool.  Hmm, had forgotten to ask about the service dog AND look at the pool.  We’ve done that now.  It isn’t very big, so we are HOPING there’s no kids there, but even if there are, it will help Dakota get used to the noise.  We don’t go very far anyway.  I don’t see pool hours, but we’re figuring on using it Friday morning, while Rich is at his meeting, and THEN!!!  We also have a room with a hot tub 😊 I know, I know … water child – Cancer, so when Rich is there – either Thursday night, or between meetings on Friday, or AFTER the dinner theater … we can be in our personal hot tub.  I KNOW, we’re not going to get Rich downstairs in the little pool.  BUT, we are going to push not leaving so quickly, we don’t get a chance to jump back in the pool on Saturday morning before leaving.

That’s the plan SO FAR.  I do see restaurants are close and they have a lounge at the hotel.  We’ll see if we use it hehe.  I don’t see food offered at the bar.  That’s a shame.  There is a couple steak places in town.

Ahh – Amie is late if she’s coming – no surprise there … it’s 3:11PM.  I think we’re going to take our medicine and it is time for my protein shake 😊

We got lazy … we’re having Jell-O instead.  We didn’t think it was ready enough before.

It’s 3:33PM.  We’re progressing.  We’re now listening to music – 2017 soft pop!  YAY!  Perfect.  We want to catch-up with the kinds of sounds that are happening here.  And the genre is in the right range.  A lot of soft-voiced women.  That’s the largest percentage if we were to take an immaterial survey off the top of our minds.  The language is a bit harsher than in the old days, but it’s ok.  It’s still an effort to listen to the words, unless they are very clear and for the most part, we are writing, doing laundry, etc., so we’re not focused on it.  We’d listened to CNN in the background, but it turned off because of inactivity.  We’ve been here at the computer for a long time.

Hey – here are a few pictures of the dinner theater at Chanhassen, MN – gets one in the spirit.  Thank you, Rich, for presenting such a nice event!

Getting a little giddy.  Maybe, we should slow down and figure out where we’re at.  It’s 3:43PM and Amie is still not here.  I haven’t thought too much where we are at as to talking points.  We did have news in that – On Monday, we went to the gynecologist for our scheduled appointment.  I was very frustrated that she had us wait so long and come in to hear, what would have been a paragraph of information on the phone or through “My Chart.”  Basically, the bottom line is that, she doesn’t want to do the hysterectomy unless she sees that the situation repeats with the vaginal bleeding more than once in one year.  BLAH!  What kind of excitement is that?  Anyway, it will clear my summer schedule.  I just wish we didn’t have to deal with this anymore.  I want it done and over with!  There is a follow-up appointment in six-months – January 15th at 1:15PM.  I think that’s funny – 1-15-17 at 1-15PM.

Dr. Gandhi said, I will need a chest exam – different than the mammogram, and there will be pelvic exam.  We opted for her to do it rather than Dr. Dorman.  Dorman is a male and Gandhi is a female.  So, I guess there is reason to go – just a non-event.  There … we remembered to put it in the calendar.  Good-good.  We just adjusted Dr. Marvin’s schedule for the next few weeks.  There will be a missed appointment due to the 4th of July and there are going to be two appointments – Thursdays over the phone.  One because we’ll be on our way to MN and the other we’ll be with Austin.  That is something to remember.  If we go somewhere on Thursday, we’ll have to reschedule.  It takes a while and a LONG time at the computer to remember all these things!

We should skim Evernote to see if there was anything else we had to remember from the last ten days.  Hmm, I don’t think we put in the notes about Dr. Augusthy’s appointment.

Ok, there is something.  We went to Columbus, OH since we last wrote.  That was a great trip.  We left mid-afternoon on Monday, then did the time getting in for dinner, I think.  I don’t remember that part.  I do remember that we had a very nice room – king bed and an extra space.  During part of the time on Tuesday Rich was at meetings, we cleared most of the 200 some entries in our email.  That was a chore.  And, then the exciting part was that we checked out the Pool!  It was a little one like the one we’ll be at in MN, but Dakota came and sat on the deck and we worked with him to be comfortable with me in the water.

It was just the perfect temperature, and although we are still big, we were able to fit in our swimming suit.  It has a big bib to cover the uncomfortable areas – like mostly below chest to mid-thigh.  Ok, let’s just call that the danger zone.  Dakota had one silly zone where he started to run around the pool – about a quarter around, then we caught him and put him in a down position (from the water).  He was trying to get to me without getting wet.  I worked with him closer to the side where he was – with leash extended for an easy grab.  He let me go from the edge to about the middle.  I just kept going from the edge out.  He was pretty good and got to the point it wasn’t bothering him, but we’re going to keep tight until we KNOW, he won’t get-up and leave.  That’s going to take some experience points.

I had SUCH a good time.  It was the highlight of the trip.  There was only one hotel in Chanhassen that had ANY kind of pool, so we went with the upper expense.  Rich got to worrying about total cost … when he said see if we can get a discount, he wasn’t expecting hot tub for same price, he would have rather had a $200 discount in cost.  But, that wasn’t going to happen.

I’m not sure what else will happen on this trip, but we know we’ll be in water again.  That was the most perfect thing.  2 ½ years owning this dog without swimming.  Now sky’s the limit!

The Dr. Augusthy part went fine though Rich and us disagreed.  He didn’t want any more procedures, and we went for more.  Dr. Augusthy said we could do both procedures.  Both we’d be knocked out – so, we’ll have to see Dr. Dorman for a physical again before both procedures.  I wouldn’t complain if he turned me over to the physician assistant.  Just not that much happening in our life.  The first procedure if approved by Medicare or our supplement us to have another spine injection like the first two.  We explained we were up to 6000 steps once, and then 3-4 times 5000 steps, but most often in the shooting for 3000 steps a day.  Right now, on a laundry day with one load left, we’re at 2971 steps.  I would have at least liked to see a 4000 day, but don’t think that’s happening.  We didn’t do the gym today.

Amie called and she’s 15 minutes out so the 2-3PM appointment is 4:30PM.  I don’t like it, but we’ll calm down.  Maybe after one snarl.  We do like seeing her.  Again, not much going on – and yes, here we are still in pajamas.  I don’t think with all the wetness out there, Rich will want to sit outside.  I don’t know I can be wrong.  We’re sitting out there a lot now – YAY!  Just should be dressed.  That’s the DRAT-part!

We’re still eating Jell-O.  Oh, that’s right.  We were going to check the food numbers.  BRB

It looks like we’re at 730 calories out of 1290?  When did that change and it says 78 carbs used, and I have 83 left?  YEEKS.  It has me at 161 available for the day.  That’s not good.  I want to be at 120.  I think these changes are an effect of the Fitbit feeding in information.  There are a few current dates at 1600.  Hmm, I’m not sure if it will stay, but we put it back to 1600 with 30% carbs, 35% fat, and 35% proteins.  The number 1290 was like the Fitbit at 1246, but it wasn’t a direct match.  I’m not sure how it got there.  That might take some more investigation.

So now, we have 1600 calories allowed, 120 carbs, 62 fats, 140 proteins, 2000 sodium and 48 sugars.  What we’ve used today is 655 calories, 65 carbs, 21 fats, 37 proteins, 681 sodium and 18 sugars.  I know you are tired of numbers, but the amount we can still use today are 945 calories, 55 carbs, 41 fats, 03 protein 1319 sodium and 30 sugars.  That’s an easy day.  We might share a protein shake with Rich later.  WOW!  945 calories left … a snack a AND dinner.  I’m not sure what’s for dinner.  Oh yeah, Rich said turkey and low-fat gravy.  I think he was going to make just a little coleslaw.  He suggested that I might do that, but we showed no interest.  My counters are filled with clothes!  AND, it is a writing/laundry day.  That is ENOUGH to concentrate on.

We’re feeling a little light-headed, but we haven’t eaten too much today.  We did take our 3:30PM medicine.  And, we’re about half-way through the Jell-O.  I know there is no end to the excitement here on our blog.  Let’s see … anything else?  Dakota got his hair cut – AND she cut it so short that big dots are showing through.  She says, he might have some spaniel in there.  I’d like to think not.  I will ask the vet next time we think about it.  I think I saw Amie’s car in the drive.  AND, the dryer buzzed.  Drat!  I hate that when it happens.  I made sure the door was unlocked.  She just walks in, and we opened the door on the dryer so it won’t buzz.  We might have to add a little time when Amie is done so it fluffs again.  Whoops gotta go.

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