dinosaur-smallThis picture reminded Ann of Sister Tess, Anns’ boss – she was grumbly!)

The First Part

Hi!  I hope that you are having a very nice day.  We are having a nice day!  Thank you for coming to our blog.  I am guessing you know what blogs are by now.  It is a place people come to share a story about anyone or anything they want.  You could do this too!


Our story or blog is going to be about us.  Our family name we go by is “Anns.”  ann-2We are a Multiple too.  We are only going to do a little bit of the story at a time.  Every “month” in our “old” years like 2004 or 2006 or 2009, we are going to do another part of the story.  We are starting back about twelve years ago when Ann was 45 years old.  That’s pretty old!  We welcome you to come along on our journey, BUT print-be-safebring someone safe
with you at all times.

Back in 2004 many things happened like Hurricane Charley hit Florida, President Obama print-president-obamabecame President of the country, United States of America for the first time, and in one state things started “out-loud” like people who were females could marry females, and people who were males could marry males. This didn’t happen before 2004. It took a while for the country to make this happen, but we made it!  YAY!

Whoops fact-checked! In 2004, President Obama was only a Senator from Illinois and he worked from the south-side of Chicago which is where Anns’ were working. But let’s move on.  False, but pretty cool!

Another really 2004 thing that is often remembered by the country was that Janet Jackson had a dress problem at the big Super bowl football game that came to be called “a wardrobe malfunction.” print-wardrobe-malfunction This all happened in 2004.


You might have also remembered some of the movies of that time.  Shrek 2, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Shark Tale and the Incredibles.  Have you seen these?  We don’t know all the people who sang that year, but here are a few we know: Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, R.E.M., and Beyoncé.  This also happened in 2004.print-beyonce

Ann has other stories beginning before 2004, but 2004 is a nice place to start too.  At that time in 2004, it was fall – it was the month of September.  print-september


Ann was working as a person who takes care of adults with developmental disabilities.  print-dd These are folks, maybe even like you, who need more help in their lives, but only with doing the things they cannot do like bills or driving, or using the stove by themselves.  We helped the people we worked with do the most things possible.  That was our job!



The Second Part

print-multiple-1Because Ann is a Multiple though, some of the things that happened to her while working would make her boss mad.  Like Ann couldn’t remember stuff print-rememberall the time, or sometimes she got behind, or even sometimes she did stuff that didn’t really need to be done, but had made sense to Ann because she wanted to do really good work.  print-good-workThe bosses crankiness shouldn’t have happened, but her boss, Sr. Tess, was impatient.  Sometimes this kind of stuff happens, but it makes people feel really bad about themselves.  Some of the Anns thought, that the boss was just old and mean.

Anns thought for a long long time that because they needed money to live, that we could only try to work harder and better, and then her boss would like her more.  So, she tried very hard.print-money

Ann got so far behind, she brought home papers – like homework.  She was having a hard time and was getting tired and grouchy print-grouchybecause there was a lot of work and not so much time to play, and even sleeping was hard because the work took up some of that time too.

Ann wasn’t very sure of herself.  Because of Anns’ confusion and not remembering what to do at work, she learned to write a lot of reminders for others to find.  The system thought, if Anns left clues – then maybe more people within would pick them up and know what to do and where to start.  It was known, that only some of the people within Anns’ family could take care of certain things, that were too much for some of the Anns.  print-overwhelmed

Sometimes Ann would have to stay home from work.  Some because of not being able to do the job that was “way too much,” and some because those in the system found more important things to do – that weren’t work – like if someone wanted to quilt. 312915_10150422564483394_1787571860_n  Everyone in the family system needed time. At those times they usually just stayed home and played print-play or talked to Dr. Marvin – he is Anns’ best helper and he’s a doctor that understands how people think about stuff. dr-marvin-2

Ann also, sometimes, eats too much – at least someone or some group of people in the system are eating too much because it is easier to eat than getting scared about a lot of things they can’t understand or do much about. print-overfull

It’s gone around that Annemarie is the one that eats the most, but we can’t blame just her.  Eating too much happens sometimes with all of us though, right?  Anns’ family really felt REALLY stressed out!  print-frazzledDoes that happen to you too?  What do you do when everything gets all frazzelly?  Who do you go to when it does happen?

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